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“Every Life” Poetry


Spiritual Poetry Every Life

Poem About Life

Everything in the universe is threaded together
like fine strands of DNA like silk on a web.

Everyday carries the weight of the universe in it,
from seed to dirt and sun to moon.

Every way leads to the same destination,
all paths joint in different directions,
parting and connecting.

Everyone bonded in the deepest ways,
through things we think in moments of our eternal days.

Everywhere is a flow, a pattern, a beat, a vibration,
a wave or a light, atoms, particles and molecules.

Every time in existence, through all cycles to
the very beginning of all the galaxies in space.

Every vessel in every channel lost and found in
the winding streams of the known and the unknown.

Every being has an unfound origin, with a storage
room of forgotten memories and lost thought.

Every start has a destiny with a
new beginning at every end.

Every life a profound story
with character and meaning, a book with an author.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction,
up/down, push/pull, attract/repel, inhale/exhale.

Every state has altered possibilities within
alternative mentalities by multiple embodiments.

Every element by design is to counteract the previous
element by opposing its molecular structure.

Every evolutionary step in the process was paved
to alleviate mankind of its problematic mind.

Every revolutionary leap in history is known
until it becomes a mystery, shadowed by its own light.

Every empty presence has a full absence and vice versa,
just as every white has a black.

Everything is everything plain and simple,
strand by strand from beginning to end.

Every noise we make, the mistakes and the times
we wish we had a second take, all existing in an awake.

Every dream of every being from every
possible scene you’ve never seen before.

Every form of divinity in essence captured and observed
by the universe, translated in every way.

Every birth promising life, sealed with the kiss of death
and inevitability revealing infinite possibilities. © Poetry by Wendee Valencia

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  1. Awesome! Hope you dont mind checking out my work too 🙂


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