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Monthly Horoscope August 2015

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monthly horoscope august 2015

Astrology Monthly Horoscope August 2015

Astrology Monthly Horoscope


Relationships are hard work but worth it, as foundations are tested this month.   You are walking a very fine line between genius and insanity and this may alienate those around you.  Have patience and opt for diplomacy as others may not immediately understand or support your innovative ideas.  They say lightning never strikes twice, but in your case it may have to – just to get the point across.


Finally you emerge from months of darkness into the light.  And that light is electric.  With more energy than you know what to do with, a “unique” opportunity around mid August will present itself and you may be tempted to go a little OTT and throw caution to the wind.   But a word of caution.  Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater because the energy heading towards you is highly unpredictable.


Communication breakdown as new ideas are misinterpreted.  This will not be a problem as long as you repeat yourself and explain – again.  There are two sides to the coin but only one can be seen.  Do not initiate action until mid-late August since plans set in motion now will either not run on schedule or have to be completely abandoned.  Don’t waste your energy.  Be reactive rather than proactive.


Your August monthly horoscope kicks off and you suddenly get switched on as to what is really going on.  You are on high alert and nothing escapes your sensitivity.  Everyone needs your help.  That’s all fine and dandy but by mid August you’ll be quietly bunkered down – nurturing, brewing and hatching for the grand finale at the end of the year.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Right now, you’re chilled out but at the same time generating a lot of heat.  You’re ready to expand and those of you born between 9th-16th will have the opportunity to tune into and interpret telepathic vibrations at a global level.  Now THAT is a birthday present for sure.


A chaotic start to the monthly horoscope but all should be back on track by mid August.  For now, re-evaluate the information you have before you.  A tiny detail of great significance could elude you unless all is given the twice-over.  Any minor health issues will be sorted out by late August so don’t sweat it if you aren’t exactly bouncing off the walls.


Karma.  A small word with big implications.  The universe has been testing you.  Small steps achieve greatness.  Hard work.  Time.  But wait – young or “young at heart” males will enter your life over the coming weeks.  Expect a surge in your energy levels but remember that there will still be a few limitations and restrictions imposed.  With that said, you can and will, have some fun.


Secret plans and clever tricks that were initiated at the end of June are simmering away nicely this August monthly horoscope.  Ready to show and tell towards the end of December.  Everything is pretty much under control so what better time than now to indulge all your senses.  A potential lover is on the horizon.  The chemistry is profound, however the two of you may be just a little too different.


Glass half full.  Make that half quarter at the moment.  Would love to tell you to just go for it like you usually can, but it’s not quite that easy.  A stressful time as you are forced to view issues from the opposite perspective.  Try and relax.  Breathe.  The good news is that eventually you will get to taste that green green grass on the other side of the fence.


Like Scorpio, you too are waiting for the great reveal in December.  Powerful forces work silently beneath the surface.  A covert struggle for dominance will erupt in flames but you are strong, organised and efficient in all that you do, so this will only require your dedication and persistence.  Maintain control and give everyone else a long rope.


Crazy.  Out there.  Unpredictable.  Well that’s how others see you.  But you know exactly what’s going on and you certainly don’t need to qualify or justify.  With the sparks of humanity igniting around you, groups and organisations will definitely need your ‘knowing’.  And together with Leo, you  will be feeling those global vibrations.  High frequencies reveal much.  Expect an unexpected ‘crazy love’.


This month will soften the edges and you will find yourself in great demand by those who need you most.  Offering absolute compassion and understanding to a wounded world, your soothing spirit will calm even the most savage heart.  Volunteer your time and energy for a worthwhile cause and reach for that ideal.  Even if that ideal, by definition, remains elusive.

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