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Cat Symbolic And Spiritual Meaning

Cat Animal Spirit Totem

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cat animal spirit

Cat Animal Totem

From earth to astral,
I will protect you.
Look after you
and keep you from danger.
This is my gift to you,
when I pass to the world of spirit.
I am your Cat animal totem.

Cat Animal Spirit Symbolism And Meaning

Protectors of humans against malevolent and mischievous spirits, Clairvoyance, Intuition and psychic ability, Remote viewers and masters of telepathy, used by witches and wizards as their familiars for this very reason. Make no mistake your cat can hear you and understand you whether you talk out loud or not. Emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Love, good luck and affection for the soul.

Cat Animal Totem Spiritual Meaning

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The astral world is the cats playground spending most of their time there. Cats are extremely well versed in the natural laws of magic. Understanding the complexities of the seasons, moon and sun. Cat animal spirits with strong past life connections to their owners will follow them into spirit if they shall pass. Making the commitment “life long” mean something else entirely.

If you have had a cat pass over into the world of spirit and he or she visits you after the fact in ghostly form it’s a positive sign that cat is your animal spirit guide. And will most probably wait for you to enter the spirit world so as he or she does not lose track of you.

Cat animal spirits are experts in the healing arts, Reiki masters if you like. When cat curls up on your lap it is your time for a spiritual and emotional healing. Knowing and believing the power of the cat with all her psychic and healing ability will make the healing even stronger.

Cats are the spiritual embodiment of reincarnation and soul growth, a cats main goal while here on earth is to advance herself spiritually. Reaching old and mature soul status before many humans even think about growing or advancing. Cat owners are predominately older souls with some spiritual wisdom of their own.

Cat animal spirits have a divine work they perform, for a when a family cat passes over he or she will go about collecting the family together on the other side. Passed over grandparents, uncles and aunties and the like will be gathered around in spirit to connect them to the ones still alive. Making spirit guides of grandparents, sisters and brothers.

Another unique magical ability of the cat animal spirit is they send warnings from spirit. In your travels if you ever just randomly think of your cat which has passed it is a sign you’re in danger and to proceed with caution. Especially if you’re driving a motor vehicle.

black cat animal spirit meaning

Black Cat Animal Totem

Spiritual Meaning Black Cat

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The black cat has long been a unwarranted, unwanted symbol of superstition. The black cat animal spirit guide is indeed a special one, their unique kind of protection is directed toward psychic attack and physical harm. A black cat animal spirit will protect his or her owner in the astral world psychically while they sleep.

Black cat animal totem will also protect the dwelling in which it stays from stray ghosts, spirits and people wanting to cause harm. Often when the black cat sleeps it is protecting the house and occupants from the astral world by walking the perimeters. Hence the term temple cat protectors of the house. © by psychic medium Ian Scott


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