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Climate Change Please Use Common Sense

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Climate change, global warming the heated debate goes on and on. A handful of scientists say one thing and a handful of scientists say another ? which scientists do we believe ? “none of them”. Lets all use our common sense, “I know” many of you are now asking what’s that.

global warming

Climate Change Norway

A Climate Change Skeptic ?

Earth is a living breathing organism just like any other living thing, it feels, it hurts, it cries, it grows and changes. If we remove all minerals and metals from any living thing will it survive ?.  If we drill enormous holes in any living thing and withdraw it’s fluid constantly, I ask you, will it live ? the common sense answer is, of course not. Scientists words are not gospel they can be paid off just like anyone else to say whatever suits their or their payee’s purposes. The governments answer to tax and throw money at it, is futile, the corporations ( banks, electricity, mainstream media, ) run this world and the biggest ones are the oil company’s they literally hold everyone on the planet to ransom. Oil has been the cause of many wars on earth including the ones happening now.

Unfortunately we are all powerless against these corporations as they hold the influence in governments and now with the TPP they will literally own the governments. This is where all the false reports come from it is very similar to a handful ( not all ) of viral posts or viral youtube videos, the more money you have the more views or lies you can afford. Unfortunately money, greed and power are the goals of most people on the planet, “money makes the world go round” well yes it does, in a world of money, greed and power. With enough money you can make people believe anything you want them to.

Climate Change Conspiracy

Every living being on the planet should understand this common sense factor about global warming, it should not take any guessing and trying to prove anything from anybody, scientist or not.  It does not take a genius or psychic for that matter to comprehend the damage we are doing to the earth. Now the solution is as many of us know already is free and renewable energy but the corporations hold this from us too. Climate change has effects on humans, animals, plants and all living things. If common sense is used these corporations paying millions to make us believe climate change is not real, will go broke trying. © by psychic medium Ian Scott ( thrive on / nature’s oracle )

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