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Needing a little spiritual guidance as to what to work on or practise, use the clues you find here to reveal to you a past life talent, spiritual magic with which you’re connected to or a wisdom which is needed for you to bring about abundance in your life.

From the card tiles below click on a card which appeals to you, take a little time, slip into a little meditation, study each one, the card you’re attracted to will hold a spiritual treasure for which your higher self has chosen. Read, study and practise chosen spiritual guidance

Spiritual Guidance Meditation

Relax, take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale out of the mouth, do this six times. close your eye’s for a brief moment, relieve yourself of all thoughts. Just for a moment take your hands off the desk place them on your lap. Ask your guides to help you pick a card which is pleasing to you at this time, both creatively and colour wise. At this moment this is the spiritual energy your intuition calls to you to bring into your life. Over time and once this energy has been rediscovered your attraction to other cards will begin, revealing other spiritual treasures for you to envelope enriching yourself.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott ( thrive on / nature’s oracle

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Visit Us At Etsy Druid Boy Designs Online Shop

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