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Full Moon October 2015 Supermoon Manifesto !

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October Full Super Moon 2015 – Photo credit Daichi Sakamoto

Full Moon October Astrology Meaning

The October full moon / supermoon on the 27th rests in the zodiac sign of Taurus 3º ( sun in scorpio ) at 11.05 pm AEST.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, love, balance and harmony. The October full moon is an exciting time for it marks completion of hard work accomplished, it is now time to reap the rewards of your efforts in the beginning of the month. This October super moon is the third of consecutive super moons ( August supermoon, September supermoon, October supermoon ) and the final super moon for the year.

Neptune and the dolphin play a role this full moon bringing soft gentle emotions, ones of compassion and faith. Combined with the energy shifts of the full moon in October 2015, the energy festers around  sensual exciting times to pursue love interests, especially those that have a history. Time to have romantic dates and generally feel peaceful. To avoid negative responses this October full moon be clear and voice out loud to others what your intentions are before any action is taken.

Full Moon October Spiritual Meaning

Relationships may be a little tested this October full moon, if heart felt direct communication has been missing over the last month. To avoid this reconnect with your loved ones, make sure they are OK and coping. Spiritually we come to a calmness, a soft levelling of energies with which we may now start to tune into the new found energies and ascension downloads of the last few super moons.

supermoon october 2015

Spiritual Meaning Super Moon October

A feeling of stagnation ? don’t worry the energy shifts of past gave us the strength to shed ourselves of those things we no longer needed, it is now time to look upon what we are to replace them with. We can now sense the inspiration, we can now find our path forward, by creating or returning to our life long passions. The things that excite us, drive us to achieve and be lost in magic of life itself.

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  1. Can I use nuts or dried fruit? I’m watching my candy/chocolate intake at the moment. Thank you


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