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New And Full Moons 2017

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Spiritual and astrological meanings of full and new moons 2017

Spiritual And Astrology Meaning Of The New And Full Moons 2017

The astrological and spiritual meanings of the new and full moons for 2017. The influences and energy shifts lifting us into a new age of cosmic reflection and ascension. Channelled messages for the enlightened from © psychic medium Ian Scott 


New Moon January 2017 Meaning

The new moon in January 2017 falls on the 27/28 and is 8° Aquarius. Giving us a soft but determined energy to show our true colours and succeed in whatever it is where working on at the moment. With Venus, squaring Saturn, watch out for those who wish to pull the wool over eyes. Shady characters seem to emerge out of the dark moon.

The fixed star Alpha Tucana is 90° Aquarius bringing some wild and wonderful energy the type that gives you the extra courage to step out of the norm. Although if a little wired already this mix may cause a malfunction within the mind known as a breakdown of some sorts. All in all the energy is exciting augering in passion fun and laughter.

Spiritual Meaning New Moon January 2017

Don’t spend to much time working leave time for dancing singing and being joyous. This attitude alone this January new moon will conjure forth dynamic strong positive energy to work with, making your goals of 2017 come that little bit sooner.

Remember to retreat every now and again to consolidate energies and thought patterns allowing the body to heal and recharge with new insight. Don’t hold back because you fear failure go forward because you know love. Forgiveness is a sign of strength and not a demonstration of weakness when we forgive we are no longer being abused. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.


January full moon

Wolf Moon January 2017

Full Moon Spiritual And Astrology Meaning
12th January 2017 In Aquarius 22°

The full moon in January is referred to as the full wolf moon. Aries. Cancer, Libra, Capricorn form a grand cross affecting these zodiac signs the most this full moon. The five hardships of the wolf moon may show themselves to those under these signs. Pressure and tension are at the forefront this 2017 January full moon, stay above the negative energy by not participating. The fixed star pollux the bad Gemini twin causes havoc and tempts those who are weak.

The seeds we planted in our lives about six months ago will now start to germinate and prosper. Remember back six months ago in the Cancer moon were your seeds created with and do your actions have good intentions and positive vibrations behind them. If so look forward to an abundant harvest, if not you may suffer the worst of the grand cross this full moon January 2017. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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