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kangaroo totem animal

Kangaroo Animal Spirit Guide

The name Kangaroo originates from the word Gangarru an Australian Aboriginal word, from the traditional language of the Guugu Yimithirr people of Far North Queensland. The Aboriginal people held the Kangaroo in a position of honor and respect not just because it was a source of food but in the observations of how the Kangaroo nurtured their young. Hunting the kangaroo lead to many dream time stories and paintings, presenting the Kangaroo as a spiritual warrior and worthy opponent.

Kangaroo Totem Animal

The Kangaroo totem encompasses both male and female energy blending the two seamlessly creating a magical balance between ruthless warrior and nurturing gentle softness. Kangaroo animal spirit is rich in robustness, controlled aggression, super fine agility and extreme perseverance making the Kangaroo a formidable leader.

Superior strength and stamina are Kangaroo’s advantage over others, adopting the never say never attitude. Although this is an admirable quality if taken to the extreme Kangaroo inevitably falls victim to his own strength of perseverance.

The personality of someone with Kangaroo as their animal spirit guide will possess physical, mental and emotional strength. Have unique leadership abilities with an authoritative but gentle vibration. Being able to cope with most of our life’s situations, hardships, and highlights offering stable emotional support to those around him.

Kangaroo Totem Spiritual Meaning

The wisdom of the Kangaroo animal spirit is embedded in their knowledge of life and how to gain the most from it. Kangaroo totems love life and all it has to offer and judge no one but themselves. Creating a foundation on which to grow spiritually, the Kangaroo totem strives for betterment, the betterment of themselves and every other living thing that shares the same home (earth).

Kangaroo has a built-in mechanism for self-conquest with a lifelong pursuit of spiritual awareness and a willingness to create compassion and total trust. The Kangaroo constantly moulds his own character funding a will through actionable movements.

animal spirit guide kangaroo

Animal Totem Kangaroo

Kangaroo Signs And Symbols

Kangaroo animal spirit embodies the elements of the sun and earth. The land in which he is connected ranges from the beach to the desert with everything else in between. The Kangaroo symbolizes greatness and honor with an indomitable spirit.

Seeing a Kangaroo jumping through your property

warns you of danger and asks you to prepare for it. Clear your property of dead leaves and fallen branches, be aware of your surroundings and how you can make it safer.

Seeing Kangaroo grazing in your yard

augers a time when family and friends are most important, ask yourself is there a family member or close friend that needs me to reach out to them.

Red Kangaroo

is the spiritual warrior of Australia and coming him is an experience you won’t forget. His masculine stature will hover over you exuding noble strength and authority.

Bush Kangaroo or eastern grey kangaroo

is peaceful and placid and contains more female vibrations than that of the red kangaroo.

Wallaby is the justice keeper the lawmaker of the lands

she watches over the deserts and bush of Australia helping all those who need her. Lost travellers may dream of wallaby as she tries to help them.

Seeing a Kangaroo while travelling

is a sign of protection and signifies divine timing bringing about circumstances which are spiritually gratifying.

Dreaming Of a kangaroo

Dreaming of Kangaroo is a sign she wishes you to explore her medicine and study her as an animal spirit guide, so she may enter your life. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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