Telekinesis Do You Have It ?

Telekinesis Demonstration Watch as this disabled man performs Telekinesis (psychokinesis) right in front of a passing crowd on the streets of Thailand.  Seemingly not many are surprised, I’m guessing they think it’s a trick or parlour magic, check it out for yourself. Telekinesis Meaning A Super Human Ability Telekinesis (a Greek word meaning distant movement) … Read More


New Moon November 2015 New Chapter

New Moon November Astrology Meaning New moon in Scorpio 19° Thursday the 12th of November 2015 AEST. This months new moon has a fortuitous abundant energy with vibrant tones from the lucky planet Jupiter. In alignment with the waxing new moon is the fixed star Zubeneschamali (claw of the Scorpion) the psychic one, both … Read More

Ghost Story Ouija Board And Murder

Based on a true story from psychic medium Ian Scott, journey with him as he tells the true story of an encounter with an Ouija board, a ghost, and a murder. A true story of an encounter with an Ouija board, a ghost, and a murder. Names, dates, and places have been … Read More

Full Moon October 2015 Supermoon Manifesto !

Full Moon October 2015 Astrology Meaning The October full moon/supermoon on the 27th rests in the zodiac sign of Taurus 3º ( sun in Scorpio ) at 11.05 pm AEST. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, love, balance and harmony. The October full moon is an exciting time for it marks … Read More

New Moon October 2015 Catalyst

New Moon October 2015  Astrology The new moon on October the 13th 2015  arrives at 11.05 am AEST and falls in the zodiac sign of Libra 19-20º. The Libra new moon is a fortunate one, it marks the month of the yang fire dog and the settling of energy shifts in 2015 after a series of … Read More

Full Moon September Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Astrology Meaning September Supermoon Lunar Eclipse The September full moon ( Harvest moon )  on the 27th/28th in Aries  4° / 12.50 pm 2015  vibrates highly as we have a major energy shift taking place. September full moon is a total lunar eclipse allowing us to delve deeply into our subconsciousness, a supermoon … Read More

New Moon September 2015 – Partial Eclipse

Astrology Meaning September New Moon This powerful September new moon on the 13th is in the zodiac sign of Virgo ( 20° ) and is a partial solar eclipse. The Virgo eclipse new moon is in opposition to Chiron ( the wounded healer ) bringing resolution to old conflicts and disappointments we may … Read More

Love Currency

Love Currency Spiritual Quote Let’s Imagine love is our new form of currency, there is no longer any physical money as such. Performing acts of love would, in turn, empower you to commit similar acts of love, an exchange of real value. In our meditations ask this very question, “what if love … Read More

Climate Change Please Use Common Sense

Climate change, global warming the heated debate goes on and on. A handful of scientists say one thing and a handful of scientists say another ? which scientists do we believe ? “none of them”. Lets all use our common sense, “I know” many of you are now asking what’s that.   … Read More

Psychic Gifts?

The Nine Psychic Gifts Below is a list of spiritual gifts one may attain or be born with on the way to enlightenment. On the road to spirituality and personal development, we are naturally training the mind to listen to our intuition. In this progression, spiritual gifts are found. Psychic Gifts Definitions And … Read More

Haiku Poem Dimension 33.3

A Haiku Poem is a form of Japanese poetry and traditionally consists of three lines, with a combination of five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second and five syllables in the last line. Generally, Haiku poetry is about nature and our perception of it through contemplation and meditation. Bringing … Read More

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