Blue Moon Meditation Music

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Blue moon meditation music for healing and to receive the most from the blue moon as it pours ascension light upon us, by psychic medium Ian Scott Blue Moon Meditation Music Spiritual Meditation Music Free Mp3 Downloads. Free immediate meditation music download from Thrive On News. Create a special ambiance in your meditations with … Read More


Full Moon Meditation Technique

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Full moon meditation As the full moon cleanses and purifies it is of the importance we approach our meditation with this in mind. Full Moon Meaning Spiritual The power of the full moon has intense spiritual energy allowing us to connect with our intuitive feminine side of ourselves. As the sun grows and … Read More


Listening, Learning And Loving

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Spiritual Growth The Three L’s Spiritual Growth I will start this story out with the formula for enlightenment and soul satisfaction. For optimal soul growth! Listening: Learning to listen to your soul by connecting to the highest source for fuelling your daily interactions of living, to attain your “highest and best” while … Read More

Full Moon June 2015

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Full Moon June 2015 – 15.46° AEST This month’s Sun/Moon opposition is between Gemini and Sagittarius. The mood is set for a rather chatty and sociable June full moon. Whereas Gemini rules short trips, school, and that old quicksilver tongue that natives of this sign possess. Sagittarius rules long-distance travel, higher education and … Read More

Alcohol Abuse In Young Adults

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Teenage drinking and alcoholism Alcohol in our society has become an instrument for a retreat from the harsh, cruel reality that can be life. Its effects as a depressant can have significant impacts on the behaviour of an individual. Often, actions performed when intoxicated are irrational, with the judgement, balance and responsiveness … Read More

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