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February Spiritual Meaning

meaning of february

February meaning. The spiritual, astrological and numerology meanings for the month of February, and how we can utilize the energy shifts to work for us. Numerology February February holds the vibrations of the number two ( element water ) being the second month of the calendar year and the number six ( element … Read more

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3 Minute Meditation De-Stress

3 Minute Meditation de stress

A 3-minute meditation and music designed to relieve one quickly of stress at work in-between important tasks. Relax into optimum performance. De-stress and reduce anxiety 3-minute meditation. When stress and anxiety come knocking, our mental skills of calculation and observation weaken, we are no longer able to function to our fullest. … Read more

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Duality Spiritual Awareness

spiritual awareness

Duality Spiritual awareness and growth of the planet determine the balance of light and dark. A spiritual awakening article channeled. We live in a duality world, where there is light, there is dark. The world is full of people radiating love, light, and nonviolence and the world is also full of … Read more

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Why A Letter To America?

bald eagle

Why A Letter To America? My dear fellow Americans, proud, strong leaders. America you have always amazed me with fanfare, colour, love and a sense of hope. I am saddened by the violence that engulfs our world. As a strong proud nation, you must learn to love each other, solving your … Read more

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Spiritual Awakening In Preparation

spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening Understanding the energy shifts around us will help us transcend the historical awakening taking place on the planet right now. Spiritual Awakening The Time Has Come Hatred, greed, and the lust to kill is leaving humanity, we live in a pivotal point in mankind’s history. Spiritual awakening creeping up … Read more