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Colouring Mandala To Stimulate Psychic Awareness

art therapy flower

Colouring mandala

mandala art therapy

Colouring Mandala

Mandala Art Therapy

Colouring Mandala

Mandala Art Therapy

Colouring mandala ( mandala – sanskrit for circle or completion ) art therapy has been around for a long time now, it is a great way to see your soul reflected through colour. The choices you make in colour and design will predict the mandalas strengths and properties. Mandala art therapy takes on a healing experience as you find your colours and slip into a meditation while colouring.

mandala art therapy

Colouring Mandala

Meditating on your colour mandala when completed will help open ones third eye chakra for tuning into the intuition. Use the print icon at the bottom of this post or left click to show image url and right click save image as and print later. For a guide on colours to use to enhance your mandala see our colour meanings page > Post your finished mandalas on our facebook page we would love to see them. © psychic medium Ian Scott.

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