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7 Step Written Meditation Script For Relaxation

Guide Yourself Into Peaceful Meditation

written meditation script

Guided meditation script

Written meditation scripts are especially useful for those wanting to record their own voice and meditation music, creating their own personalised guided meditation. We can learn a lot about ourselves by listening to our own voice, a spiritual exercise in knowing thyself. Some people find the sound of their own voice calming.

Alternatively, if you have a private meditation group and wish to treat them to something special using your personalised touch, this written meditation script will get you started and guide you along the way.

About This Written Meditation Script

This written meditation script has a variety of meditation techniques to ease one into total relaxation, with an emphasis on dynamic muscle tensioning. Prepare your space, quiet surrounds, no interruptions and a place where you can lay flat on your back with proper head and neck support. It is best to perform an aura detox before you begin, method found here > The parts written in italic are instructions for the person speaking the guided meditation. Time frame of the meditation is roughly 20 minutes.

Written Guided Meditation Script

1 Lay down flat on your back, close your eyes, arms by your sides, legs shoulder width apart. Wriggle around a little to straighten your back, move the head until the neck is supported firmly. Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through the mouth, do this three times. Focus all your attention on the breath feel it pass by your lips.

Pause for a minute or two.

2 Point your toes and fingers stretch the body through these points and squeeze every muscle in your body, stretching and pointing through the fingers and toes. Hold tension, stretch and hold for 10 seconds.

Pause for 10 seconds.

3 Release and relax, relax the fingers and toes, feel your body weight sink into the mattress. Relax and sink.

Pause for a minute.

4 Focusing now on our face, squeeze tightly all your facial muscles, with emphasis on the eyes and jaw and hold for 10 seconds.

Pause for 10 seconds.

5 And release and relax paying special attention to the eyes and jaw. Repeat this exercise three times.

Pause for 30 seconds.
6 Repeat steps two and three.
Pause for further 30 seconds.

7 With your mind’s eye imagine a colour paint chart in front of you, focus in on the colour that takes your attention. See the colour brightly shining at you and encompassing your entire being. Sewn into the fabric of colour is a strong sense of peace and well-being. Feel this energy of peace surround you, making you feel content, comfortable and at ease with the world. Relax.

Pause for 10 minutes.
Music begins to play.
At the end of 10 minutes feather off the volume slowly.

In Conclusion

The colour which presents itself to you has symbolic meaning behind it, another way we can find out a little more about ourselves. See our colour meanings chart to learn the spiritual energy of the colour in your meditations.

This particular meditation technique has the ability to free anxiety, calm the nerves and prepare one for sleep. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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