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Triskelion Celtic Symbol Meaning

The Magick Of The Triskelion A Meditation Tool

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Triskelion Celtic Meaning

The Celtic triple spiral or triskele symbolism and meaning sometimes called the spiral of life. Discovered in the Newgrange site the spiral (or “tri-spiral”) design is engraved on the stone in front of the entrance and represents one of the most famous Irish Megalithic scribings. The triskelion is an ancient magickal symbol for many a culture. Most consider the symbol as a Celtic design, it actually appeared in Ireland over 2,500 years prior to the arrival of the Celts.  There is no definitive explanation about the spirals meaning.  The symbol has universal significance – it is found throughout history and all over the world.

The Celts viewed the triskelion as telling a complex tale of motion, movement, a journey through life in order to reach the spirituality of pure understanding or enlightenment. The Celts believed in three worlds the triskelion is a representation of these three worlds. The Celestial World, the Mortal World, and the Otherworld. In the Celestial World, the sun, moon, wind, and water exist with other unseen physical energies. The mortal world consists of humans, plants, and animals. The Otherworld is the home of the gods, goddesses, and spirits.


Triskelion Triquetra Spiritual And Esoteric Meaning

The Triskelion message lies in the knowing of time, time is circular like the seasons. Movement and change are inevitable and naturally progressive. Upon meditating to the triskelion a perpetual motion is conceived an ever moving evolutionary circle. This energy of movement inspires creation and life within us. It is especially useful for people feeling stagnant in their lives or suffer anxiety or depression. Concentrating on the triskelions movements will encourage and delight the senses into life movement.

The Triskelion is also a true amulet of protection symbol from the very things I just mentioned. Helping to avoid obstacles and stuck moments in one’s journey of life movements. Providing a smooth and pleasant continuous course of events throughout life. After studying and meditating on the triskele for some time the energy of forward movement is recognized in your life, guarding against decisions which will move you backward. Triskelion The Power Of Three. The wheels of motion and the triad of spirals form a story.  The number, “three” is believed to have a very powerful energy associated with it. The symbol of the triad or trinity. It is a symbol of the unity of, body, mind, and spirit.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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