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Santa Satan In A Coke Can

Coca Cola Invented Christmas

xmas invented by coca-cola

The Wrongness Of Christmas

The Wrongness Of Christmas

Please don’t let your children grow up looking up to, respecting and even loving a giant coke can that is overweight gluttonous materially minded and merry full of alcohol (poison). If you don’t know by now I’m talking about Santa. Your kids won’t trust you in the long run because you have lied to them and taken away their feeling of magic. Teach them the magic that is real the magic of nature.

December 21st / 22nd is the time of Alban Arthan the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and Alban Heruin summer solstice in the southern hemisphere. by psychic medium Ian Scott. December Spiritual Meaning >  Dangers of Coca-Cola > Holiday Poem >

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