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Spiritual and astrological meanings of full and new moons 2017

Spiritual And Astrology Meaning Of The New And Full Moons 2017

The astrological and spiritual meanings of the new and full moons for 2017. The influences and energy shifts lifting us into a new age of cosmic reflection and ascension. Channelled messages for the enlightened from © psychic medium Ian Scott 

JANUARY – Full Moon: 12 January 9:34 pm – New Moon: 28 January 10:07 am
FEBRUARY – Full Moon: 11 February 10:33 am – Luna Eclipse 11 February 10:33 am – New Moon: 27 February 12:58 am – Solar Eclipse 27 February 12:58 am
MARCH – Full Moon: 13 March 12:54 am – New Moon 28 March 12: 57 pm 2017
APRIL – Full Moon: 11 April 4:08 pm – New Moon: 26 April 10:16 pm
MAY – Full Moon: 11 May 7:42 am – New Moon: 26 May 5:44 am
JUNE – Full Moon: 9 June 11:10 pm – New Moon: 24 June 12:31 pm

JULY – Full Moon: 9 July 2:07 pm – New Moon: 23 July 7:46 pm
AUGUST – Full Moon: 8 August 4:11 am – Luna Eclipse: 8 August 4:11 am – New Moon: 22 August 4:30 am – Solar Eclipse: 22 August 4:30 am
SEPTEMBER – Full Moon: 6 September 5:03 pm – New Moon: 20 September 3:30 pm
OCTOBER – Full Moon: 6 October 4:40 am – New Moon: 20 October 5:12 am
NOVEMBER – Full Moon: 4 November 3:23 pm – New Moon: 18 November 9:42 pm
DECEMBER – Full Moon: 4 December 1:47 am – New Moon: 18 December 4:30 pm

New Moon Meaning 28th March 2017

This month’s new moon has an exciting new adventurous twist to it. The last couple of weeks has seen a drain on physical and spiritual energy due to the seasons changing rapidly. Our sensory equipment is yet to catch up creating nausea confusion and a lack of will.

The new moon on the 28th of March 2017 sees a dramatic turn in the opposite direction. Our spiritual and physical energies rise and our ambition and will come back. A time to put all into action now sufficient rest has taken place. Recharge with quartz crystals and meditation. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott

full moon meanings march 2017Full Moon March Astrology Meaning 2017

The full moon on the 13th of March 2017 12.54 am AEST resides at 22° Virgo.  New York 12th of March 10.53 am. London 12th of March 2.53pm. Jupiter opposes Uranus with a 30° angular motion pointing towards Sun opposite Moon. A topsy-turvy March full moon where we can expect the unexpected. With its unpredictable nature, the March full moon shows itself as being frustrating disturbing or trying to disturb our inner calm. Over this full moon remember the emotions are in the formation of the universe. It is up to us to understand them not fight them.

Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn. Search for peace and contentment within no matter your surrounding circumstances. A great spiritual tool and or opportunity to transform old dying habits. Uranus in Aries 22 degrees creates an inconjunct to the full Moon this March. Allows us to mellow over some negative traits or victim mentality energy which we need to rid ourselves of to become truly happy.

Full Moon squares Saturn at 27° Sagittarius. Worry and concern are good it keeps us safe, over worry and excessive negative thinking will eventually make us sick. Release yourself knowing that you have no control over anything outside of yourself. Be empowered by letting go of all things out of your control. Stay in the flow of the universe and all things will work out in the end. © psychic medium Ian Scott

Next Moon Phase: New Moon 28 March 12: 57 pm

astrology new moonNew Moon Solar Eclipse 27th AEST February 2017

The new moon on the 27th AEST at 12:58 am in February 2017 (Sunday, 26 February 2017– 9:58 am EST (USA/Canada) has Pisces Sun conjunct Moon in Pisces an extremely positive time for our intuition to be spot on. Listen deep within you on the new moon this February 2017 as spiritual growth and advancement come from the whispers of the subconscious mind.

With the solar eclipse adding strength and energy to February’s dark moon it is definitely a time to focus on the self. Plan your next moves be direct and positive in what you’re wanting this month. The extra energy to carry it through presents itself. A new and wonderfully alert psychic energy enters this new moon which is right on time considering we have been dealing with rather heavy energy from the moon lately.

The fixed star skat the 3rd brightest in the constellation of Aquarius plays a role in igniting the dark moons powers this month. Skat hovers between the sun and moon eclipse around Neptune, bringing a whole lot of life to a new chapter starting for everyone. In Arabic, the word skat translates to the making of a wish. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

full moon meaningFull Moon February Astrology 2017

The full moon & partial lunar eclipse falls on the 10th of February and is in the zodiac sign of Leo 22°. This month the full moon chart has special mark the one of the mystic triangle Moon 22° Leo, Sun 22° Aquarius, Uranus 21° Aries and Jupiter 23° Libra. which sees Jupiter and Uranus in opposition. Watch for full moon frenzy over this time there is a caution some may get carried away with this energy. Try not to let small problems become big ones by focusing on them too much, allow the universe and time to show the way and when.

Get ready for some dynamic energy stirring the pot over the full moon. This mystic and magical triangle this full moon augers in positive energy for use in magick. Take advantage of the mystic triangle scurry through your spell book fetch some herbs manifestation time is here. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

Next Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse 26 February 2017 Pisces Sun conjunct Moon in Pisces

new moon meaning 2017

New Moon January 2017 Meaning

The new moon in January 2017 falls on the 27/28 and is 8° Aquarius. Giving us a soft but determined energy to show our true colours and succeed in whatever it is where working on at the moment. With Venus, squaring Saturn, watch out for those who wish to pull the wool over eyes. Shady characters seem to emerge out of the dark moon.

The fixed star Alpha Tucana is 90° Aquarius bringing some wild and wonderful energy the type that gives you the extra courage to step out of the norm. Although if a little wired already this mix may cause a malfunction within the mind known as a breakdown of some sorts. All in all the energy is exciting augering in passion fun and laughter.

Spiritual Meaning New Moon January 2017

Don’t spend to much time working leave time for dancing singing and being joyous. This attitude alone this January new moon will conjure forth dynamic strong positive energy to work with, making your goals of 2017 come that little bit sooner.

Remember to retreat every now and again to consolidate energies and thought patterns allowing the body to heal and recharge with new insight. Don’t hold back because you fear failure go forward because you know love. Forgiveness is a sign of strength and not a demonstration of weakness when we forgive we are no longer being abused. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.


January full moon

Wolf Moon January 2017

Full Moon Spiritual And Astrology Meaning
12th January 2017 In Aquarius 22°

The full moon in January is referred to as the full wolf moon. Aries. Cancer, Libra, Capricorn form a grand cross affecting these zodiac signs the most this full moon. The five hardships of the wolf moon may show themselves to those under these signs. Pressure and tension are at the forefront this 2017 January full moon, stay above the negative energy by not participating. The fixed star pollux the bad Gemini twin causes havoc and tempts those who are weak.

The seeds we planted in our lives about six months ago will now start to germinate and prosper. Remember back six months ago in the Cancer moon were your seeds created with and do your actions have good intentions and positive vibrations behind them. If so look forward to an abundant harvest, if not you may suffer the worst of the grand cross this full moon January 2017. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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