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I Hate You, And Your Doing This

I hate you because I hate myself

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Why Is He So Angry All The Time

Personal Growth Are You Willing To Look Inside

Do you pick on others, do you bring to attention to the faults of others. Are you angry with a short temper? Do you get upset with what others do? Do things always go pear-shaped, with emotional outbursts? Do you constantly argue with others? Are you always looking at people making judgements and comments? Do others like your company? Do you use the word hate often? Are you on the I don’t give a f**k train yelling out I don’t give a f**k? Do you believe the world owes you something?

I’m sure we all know a few people like this. We must have wisdom when it comes to this mental sickness. When a person is in this state of mind, and doing these things it is in direct communication with themselves. Although they don’t know this because they look outwardly for the reasons why instead inwards to the self. The reason these behaviours are forefront and directed outward is because when they do this (pick on others judge and make known others faults) it takes the attention away from themselves. Deep within they know they have to become a better person they know they are hating themselves. So bringing to the attention of what others are doing relieves them of the guilt and hate they feel for themselves.

Working on our own faults and knowing thyself is a difficult journey and one we all have to do at some stage in our lives. Becoming responsible for our own actions and thoughts. When you truly love yourself you feel no need to pick on harass or judge because you are in a happy and content place and it shows outwardly.

The Manifestation Of The World Around Us

We create the world around us by our attitude intentions and level of love for ourselves and others. We are the masters of our own destiny if we don’t want change it won’t come if we focus on negativity and judgement we become that negativity and judgement. One of the most important life lessons and yet one many people delay choosing to be lost angry and hateful instead. Taking control of our thoughts and intentions will show us who we are now and who we will become later. Make a decision ask yourself what vibrations do I want to live in? And then be those vibrations.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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  1. I can only agree with you, Ian 🙂

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