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Your Personal Celtic Animal Astrology 2017

February Celtic Zodiac

Celtic astrology

Celtic animal zodiac 2017

Celtic Animal Zodiac Meanings 2017

Celtic Animal Astrology is based on 13 lunar moon phases. Designated to each moon phase of the lunar calendar is an animal spirit. Combining a personal energy and a spiritual path to enlightenment through the animals teachings.

Find the wisdom in the animal totem associated with your time of birth just as the Druids did many lifetimes ago. Bring the best out of yourself by conjuring forth the positive qualities of your personal animal totem. A spiritual guide for 2017 as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott

celtic zodiac

Stag December 24 – January 20

Stag / Deer
Animal Totem Meaning 2017

Looking for ways to understand the people around you will be a challenge this year. Remembering everyone has their own unique sometimes weird way about them. Which in the end is the reason why we fall in love with some and not others uniqueness!

Proving to yourself you’re ready to tackle the big wide world will help accumulate some much-needed stimuli and energy to do just that. Stick firmly to your goals and they will be achieved.


celtic astrology

Cat January 21 – February 17

The Cat
Animal Totem Meaning February 2017

Action and commitment lie in the forefront of the cat this year, this maybe with work or a relationship related. Plans need to come out of the inside of your mind and into physical action. Otherwise, you could just miss the train.

Remember to let your partner know you love them, voicing these words brings love into the moment. Thinking and knowing them yourself doesn’t help the one you love unless you tell them.


totem animal

Snake February 18 – March 17

The Snake / Adder
Animal Totem Meaning 2017

There maybe a few strikes against you this year with family and friends, but as usual you’ll find a way to slither back into others hearts. Be cautious you don’t tip someone too far, as revenge is sometimes quietly fast.

Be cautious of climbing stairs and banging your body about furniture, work with the energy and laugh it off. This way you will deflect the negative energy around this month.


fox totem birth chart

Fox March 18 – April 14

The Fox
Animal Totem Meaning 2017

Is someone telling you tall tails, be cautious of others advice or opinions this year there are ulterior motives on the minds of others. This applies to work and friends think twice before making any really important decisions.

Take your own intuition first over others always not just with this occasion. Learning to speak up and assert your personal power is a journey you will enter in 2017.


cow celtic totem animal

Cow / Bull April 15 – May 12

The Cow / Bull
Animal Totem Meaning 2017

Getting through the days and weeks is sometimes difficult, plan a holiday now for later in the year to avoid over stressed situations. Just by knowing you will be relieved with a holiday will spur you on with energy to complete the next 10 months.

Creating solidarity with yourself and others within a business promotion or proposition will assure its successful outcome. Opportunities around the cow in 2017 are coming all you need to do is grab the bull by the horns.


seahorse totem animal

Seahorse May 13 – June 9

The Seahorse
Animal Totem Meaning 2017

Challenging yourself with more than giant projects and tasks will keep you occupied most of the year. What you’re working on now will become the start of a new successful chapter in your life.

Take time to self-heal through relaxation and meditation taking control of your emotions and feelings. This attitude will come to be a great benefit in the near future.


wren celtic totem animal

Wren June 10 – July 7

The Wren / Maluridae
Animal Totem Meaning 2017

Finding yourself in places and circumstances you may not fit into is the complexity of 2017 for the wren. This comes about through study and working in a new job or position. Find your way slowly give everybody the benefit of doubt and things will smooth without dramas.

Water comes to mind for the wren a need to drink pure water and plenty of it. Go as far as blessing your water with the sun and the moon. Doing this will help you reach higher energy levels and health.


horse animal totem

Horse July 8 – August 4

The Horse
Animal Totem Meaning 2017

Applying yourself with true direction and an understanding of where you want to go will be advantageous this year. The universal flow of energy is in constant movement to stay within the flow we to need to keep moving.

Find forward movement in all your circumstances this year whether it be family or work. Romance and celebrations are on the agenda this year, make an effort to attend as many events as you possibly can. Doing this will open up fresh new partnership and beginnings.


animal totem

Salmon August 5 – September 1

Fish / Salmon
Animal Totem Meaning 2017

Walking the walk or practising what you preach swims in the salmons path this year. Be sure you know you’ve experienced with wisdom all things you ask others to do. This will breed companionship and loyalty.

Organising and helping others will take a lead role this year, you’re kind hearted so this won’t pose too much of a problem. But do be careful you’re not taken advantage of and taken for granted.


celtic astrology

Swan September 2 – September 29

Animal Totem Meaning 2017

A broader outlook is needed if the swan is to get on top of financials this year. Expose yourself to try different companies and situations to make your life a little easier. Stay in the hunt for ways to save money and earn money, of course, this year is a great time to lay new foundations.

House and home become a focus around July a change is coming in either a sale of or renovation to improve a sale. A brighter situation and scenery awaits those swans who wish to brave change.


celtic astrology

Butterfly September 30 – October 27

Animal Totem Meaning 2017

As a natural healer and messenger, the butterfly needs to turn this energy inward in the first half of the year. Taking care of numero uno making sure you’re feeling healthy and strong. Time to transfigure and transform.

Come August the butterflies will be running around starting new adventures and prospects. A wealth of energy comes your way in 2017 use it to complete tasks you never thought you could.


celtic astrology

Hound / Wolf October 28 – November 24

The Wolf / Hound
Totem Meaning 2017

After walking many miles with a slight struggle the wolf gains new life in 2017. Rewards come in the way of promotion or starting your business there is an authority to the hound this year. Stay in the moment and reach for exactly it is you want. Spirit will provide the ladder.

A blessed path to healing and happiness is there for the hound although the first three months of the year may not seem like it. Hang on for the ride, grab on to the tigers tail.


animal totem

Hawk November 25 – December 23

The Falcon / Hawk
Totem Meaning 2017

Ah no more searching hawk the goal is found. The hawk in 2017 concentrates on all he or she has learnt over the past few years. Putting into action all that was noticed to work for others. A successful year with a crown of wisdom for the hawk.

Retreating every now and again is important having some cave time meditation time to gather one’s thoughts. If this is done regularly you will keep stress and worry at bay.


© channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott – Related content > Celtic animal birth sign


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