7 Best Herbal Teas For Your Medicinal Garden

Herbal Teas List Your Secret Garden A carefully selected list of 7 herbal teas to assist with maintaining good health and well-being. Ease stress, anxiety and promote relaxation with the ritual of making tea for oneself. Plus guide and aid us on our spiritual journey helping with prophetic visions, meditation, sleep and the … Read More


Green Aventurine Meaning

posted in: Crystals

Green Aventurine Meaning Spiritual Symbology Green Aventurine a protective gemstone of good luck, contentment, abundance, adventures in travel, healing the heart and emotional conflict. Enhances creativity, encourages independence, prosperity, career success, calmness, and balance. Helps us to see different alternatives, coming opportunities, and hidden potentials. Green aventurine stirs up the emotions for … Read More


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