Spring Equinox Meaning

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Spring Equinox meaning Wiccan traditions it is also known as Ostara on the wheel of the year. Ostara comes from the word Eostre, Goddess of Spring. Alban Eilir  21/22nd March – Northern Hemisphere. 22nd September – Southern Hemisphere. Spring Equinox Definition Whilst the Goddess of Spring stirs at Imbolc – she is … Read More


September Month Meaning

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September Month meaning should be placed on finishing those uncompleted tasks, rectifying and improving your current situation. Numerology September September 9th Month – Related 999 Metaphysical Keywords September Philosophy, Perfection, Completion, Clairvoyance, magical forces, awareness, spiritual path, Revelation, Water. September the 21st / 22nd celebrates Alban Elfed the autumn equinox in the … Read More

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