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9 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening
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What is a spiritual awakening? A state of wakefulness alertness and intuitive sensitivity.
A state of mental alertness body relaxation and spiritual alignment.

Do you ask what am I here for? Do you say there must be something else? These are all signs of knowing, of course, there is always more. This is the first reaching out of your higher consciousness to your thinking brain. Asking questions is always a sign of an inquisitive mind. An awakened individual has heightened perception and sees the world both as a child and an adult.

Spiritual Awakening Signs

One. A lift in physical energy and mental alertness, sometimes keeping you awake. And you begin to react to the full moon with heightened psychic energy. Time drifts away but also seems still at the same time.

Two. The past present and future all seem to meld into one. Meditation becomes a natural part of the contemplation or problem-solving process. Ideas come easily and inspirations are fast-moving.

Three. Your creativity is heightened and visions of methods to express yourself come forward. You become guided by positivity. Rejecting cynicism and a defeatist attitude. An ever-growing need to detach from the material world.

Four.  Others begin to notice you enter a room or speak. Strangers take a second look at you. And people feel as they know you even though you have never met. Living your truth and being proud of it.

Five.  The trees and earth become your familiars your home away from home. The forest calls your name and you follow. To an old soul, trees are their cathedrals.

Six.  Inner mental chatter drifts away. Leaving you with a calm and quiet mind. Your inner world becomes your strength and victory pose. Your mind becomes sharper and memories are easier to recall.

Seven. You don’t feel lonely anymore a connectedness with the other 7 billion people on the planet makes you feel a part of the whole. A recognition we are all going through the same things.

Eight. A strong and raised sense of compassion rises over your soul. Slowly showing you the way to being an empath of spiritual knowledge. An inner knowing of the right moral path and a need to follow it. Animals become your spirit guides and nurture your family.

Nine.  A love for looking after your body or temple arises. Nurturing the self-making one strong enough to vibrate to the higher ascension energy. Along with enjoying inactivity as contemplation breeds wisdom. © psychic medium Ian Scott.

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