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Meditation Music Sleep

Meditation Music For Sleep 1 Hour Guided meditation for deep sleep and relaxation. Enjoy this meditation music sleep for soothing soulful sounds blended with healing tones and vibrant rhythms. Recharge heal, uplift and... READ MORE

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Ogham Meanings

  • Celtic Tree Astrology Birth Sign Birth tree celtic astrology

    What is my Celtic Tree Astrology tree sign? Find the tree totem you were born under, learning its spiritual properties and wisdom. by psychic medium Ian Scott.

  • Spiritual Meaning Of Trees tree spiritual meaning

    The metaphysical and spiritual meaning of trees. Ground yourself in spiritual knowledge with the trees of old. by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles

Animal Totems

  • What’s My Animal Totem animal totem

    Learn what your animal totem is? Complete with spiritual meaning, colour, elemental clan, direction and plant association.

  • What is an animal spirit? what are animal totems

    Learn the shaman’s path to enlightenment, know how to connect to and work with your animal spirit totems. Understand their wisdom.

Spiritual Healing

  • What Is A Soul Retrieval soul retrieval meaning

    What is a soul retrieval shamanic healing is all about, It’s spiritual healing and metaphysical meanings by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles.

  • Spiritual Transference Healing Foods spiritual healing

    Energy Transference Healing through cooking food for yourself and for others a spiritual healing method created by psychic medium Ian Scott

Psychic Awareness

  • Scrying Psychic Ability

    Learn the art of scrying for divination purposes see the past present and future through a flame or a bowl of water. by psychic medium Ian Scott

  • Aura Colors And Their Meanings

    The Aura meaning. Find the spiritual, physical and emotional health meanings of the aura colours and how to interpret their signs and messages.

  • Learn How To See Auras

    Learn how to see the auras colors with easy to do exercises, understanding our aura energy field by psychic medium Ian Scott.

Herbs Plants And Trees

  • White Sage Plant Symbolism White Sage

    Spiritual Magickal and metaphysical healing and medicinal benefits of White Sage. Smudging uses and practise of this amazing sacred herb.

  • Marshmallow Plant Uses marshmallow plant uses

    The spiritual medicinal and magickal meanings of marshmallow plant uses. Learn its secrets and how to use the herb. by psychic medium Ian Scott

Signs And Symbols

  • Rune Stone Meanings rune stones and their meanings

    Rune stone meanings and their spiritual symbology, metaphysical divination meanings. as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

  • Candle Magik For Wealth

    Candle spell and ritual to bring about wealth in ones life. Using universal principles and the elements of fire and water, Train the mind to bring about what you’re wanting.

Power Of Crystals

  • Moss Agate Spiritual Magickal Meaning

    Moss agate its spiritual magickal and healing properties plus moss agate vs tree agate. as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott

  • Tree Agate Meaning

    Tree agate meaning, discover the spiritual and metaphysical symbology health properties and magickal purposes. by psychic medium Ian Scott.

  • Hematite Meaning

    Hematite meaning the psychics stone the healers magic the omnipresent flow of energy from another world, come read its secrets.

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