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So many of us at this time seem to be going through a metamorphosis, change is all around us. Even if it starts subtly the vibrations seem to grow and spread. Reminding us that a mass change may still be achievable. Within the world at large? We can only hope.

Within the individual it is very achievable, for true change always starts with the self. The assumption was when I first thought of writing about reigniting the internal flames is that it would be a piece that involved fire and brimstone then rising from the ashes, being a Leo I guess I’m just prone to the over dramatic. If the truth is to be told it has been a process of time, many sacrifices and a lot of retraining, requiring throwing old habits and thought patterns into the fire so they too can burn and be reborn into this process of metamorphosis.

Too many of us carry around our old baggage, letting it weigh us down and feed our own personal poor me control dramas. Or sit around waiting to be saved, missing the point entirely, for if you will not save yourself no one else can. Thinking that we are owed something we are yet to earn. Without earning something it will never be truly yours and the only thing any of us will truly own, are ourselves. All other ownerships are just illusions, created as distractions to stunt self growth. Ownership of self, such a basic philosophy, yet in such an unnecessarily complicated world maybe that’s one of the most important messages of getting back to basics.

Self respect  is a big part of this ownership for  we all know what happens when we own something we don’t respect, it meets a much earlier demise than expected. So what truly is Self respect? looking after yourself physically and mentally by following these handy points.

Exercise get those endorphins going. Have a few minutes of sunshine daily when possible.

Meditate, it is known to lower blood pressure and many other amazing health benefits.

Look after your temple by eating not only healthy options but the right amounts not over or under eating.

Mentally kind chatter, be kind to yourself.

Understand that things only upset us when we give them permission to.

Having a healthy  self-esteem is to learn to love the skin you’re in, without having to negatively judge others.

They are all just as equally important to each other for a healthy balance to be maintained. Most of us know these basic building blocks, probably I dare say the majority but life doesn’t stop with knowledge it’s about putting things into practice, embracing the energy of it all.

Without action we are still choosing to only be observers.

Ange Marxsen


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