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Welcome to Thrive On News, your free on-line spiritual magazine for insights into astrology, mediumship, Druidism, psychic and personal development and much more. With more and more people learning about the benefits of including meditation and spiritual awareness into their lives, Thrive On News focuses on providing our users with the useful information they need to make their everyday lives extraordinary.

The Thrive On News Mission

Located in Queensland, Australia and serving the needs of our readers around the world, Thrive On News is your one-stop source for spiritual news, information and advice and a full range of products and informational articles dedicated to our readers’ needs. Here at the Thrive On News, we have made it our mission to provide our readers with the relevant, up-to-date information they need and the professional service and support they want every time they visit our site.

Our Medium

Hi, my name is Ian Scott and I am a professional psychic medium. I want to take the time to personally thank you for visiting our site and getting to know more about who we are and what we do. I have been a psychic medium for over 30 years and have used my clear direct channel to bring forth past lives, messages from beyond and emotional healing. Through aura scanning, I am able to effectively help my clients find their way personally and spiritually. Thank you again for choosing Thrive On News as your exclusive on-line source for spiritual development.

Why Choose Thrive On News?

From astrology, mediumship and druidism, to psychic and personal development, original New Age meditation music and more, Thrive On News has you covered. Thrive On News offers quality meditational products at affordable prices. Our latest products, the Thrive On News Amulet Protection Necklace and Nature’s Oracle Cards, are just an example of what we have to offer. Thousands of Thrive On News readers, subscribers, and customers can’t be wrong; we are the number one source for information, experience, and service. Join us today!

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To learn more about Thrive On News and how we can help you connect to your inner spiritual self, contact us today and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and all of your favourite social media networks to become a part of the Thrive On News on-line community.

psychic medium Ian Scott

Thrive On News Free Spiritual Magazine

Thrive On News Logo Meaning

The Thrive on news and Nature’s oracle symbol is a combination of two Ogham letters from the ancient Celtic alphabet. Elder (letter R / Ruis – element water) and Holly (letter T / Tinne – element fire).

thrive on news spiritual magazine

In the ancient druid tongue, these two etchings of Elder and Holly provide a sophisticated form of communication between community members. Combined Ogham letters tell a story and relay important information.

Combined together with letters Elder on top and Holly below tells us it is a gathering or meeting. By the joining together of two letters only. Straight away we know its a gathering of peace and good news that which we thrive on.

about thrive on news spiritual magazine

Summon The Oak Knowers

We know this because water the element for elder sits above in the first letter. Holly is below and has the element of fire. Water puts out the fire. Saying no harm, come in peace and drink of spiritual waters.

The second piece of information found is the location Elder being the first letter determining a central point in this case not a single Elder tree, but a grove of Elder trees. Holly below has a lesser of meaning being the second letter. In this example one or two Holly trees.

The third piece of information found is the time. A moment in time when water feels the beginning of fire. The frost of water on the grass is slowly evaporating with the fire of the sun. The time is dawn.

Fusing the triad of information together, the message reads. Meet you for a peaceful gathering of spiritual water. Deep in the woods where Holly touches the Elder grove at the next dawn. Which is my website Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine, welcome you found it. Drink of the spiritual waters, indulge in metaphysical magic and use the magazine as your book of shadows. channelled by © psychic medium Ian Scott.

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Who would think that I would have to find my Spiritual Guidance all the way across to the other side of the planet.
From the coast of Florida USA to the shores of Australia, All in Divine Timing , Isn’t that what Spirit teaches us.
Thank you Ian Scott Much Gratitude to you Always. Love Jo

Thrive On News is at the pinnacle of pioneering the path of the online spiritual magazine scene. Ian is the real deal with his raw psychic power and his personal well being ways…the proof is in the pudding. It is a real privilege being able to connect with his light, and for that I thank you. Audrey Volt Patreon.

Audrey Volt

Thank you  for being a guiding light in my life. Helping me through my daughter’s cancer and contacting her on the other side after her passing. You don’t know how much this has helped me deal with my grief. Thank you again, you are a truthfully amazing man.  Carl

Carl W testimonial

  Dear Ian, Thank you so much for your valuable guidance, we have learned a lot. Especially about listening to our inner guidance which most of us very rarely do ! Thanks again.   Hayley and Mark Thanks for such a great read brilliant magazine. You really have me figured out don’t you. I will take on board all you have said and love the messages from everyone. Take Care love ya !   Dianna

Dianna S testimonial

  Dear Ian, Your perfect prediction and invaluable wise counsel have dragged me into a wonderful reality and given me back my life. With all my love and gratitude. psychic medium Ian Scott >


  I just signed up to the free spiritual magazine, as I love the vibe here! De-LIGHT-ed to connect with you! Namaste!

Heather Lang

The amulet is crazy awesome, love it. Just got it in the post very happy. I did notice a sudden change of mood to a more positive one when I put it on. My dog also likes it, let’s hope it keeps him safe when he wonders. Which I can’t seem to stop him from doing. Jay

Jay Burnside testimonial

Who would think that I would have to find my Spiritual Guidance all the way across to the other side of the planet. From the coast of Florida USA to the shores of Australia, All in Divine Timing , Isn’t that what Spirit teaches us. Thank you Ian Scott Much Gratitude to you Always. Love Jo Patron > Patreon – For as little as 2$ this magazine put together by Ian Scott and Spirit can change your LIFE COMPLETELY! I know, its changed mine. And know Iam on path that I never thought I could reach. I Love you Ian Scott Thank you for bringing me back on my path. Jo

Jo testimonial

  Amazing amulet ! love it’s meaning and power as you put it on. When I’m wearing it trouble does seem to avoid me. Very comfortable to wear don’t even know you’ve got it on. 5 stars. Amulet >

Jodie Hands On Healing testimonial

Wow ! This Amulet is really special. I have never come across anything so unique and magical. Bless you, ordering now. Amulets >

Mary Davenport testimonials

Thrive on News Review by Robert Beeton Thrive on news is a website dedicated to bringing you all news that is spiritual.It covers everything from meanings of things, such as planets and colour, to numerology and quantum physics.This is fantastic as you will always stumble upon something different and interesting.Upon landing on the main page you discover the wealth of subjects covered and some of the sites latest posts. The use of the pictures combined with a mystic background creates a great touch to the page. The only thing I would change is making the page less cluttered and add a second navigation for all the links below the header picture.Readers want a snap shot and not to be too overwhelmed. Flicking through the content of the website, i discovered that the information is informative, creative and interesting and that many who have written testimonials agree. They are well written with clear headings so the flow of each piece is easy to follow. I like that each piece has a star rating so you can see others thoughts and reactions on each piece written. The site is run by Psychic medium Ian Scott who is from Australia and has over […]

Robert Beeton review thrive on news

Ian, you are amazing! I love coming to the magazine. You help me in all ways of my life and help me understand that it’s not just us humans here on earth. There is so much out there for us to learn. Thank you for being part of my life I will always treasure my readings.   Sue

Sue W testimonials

Hey Ian just bought some of the natures oracle cards, wanted to take their magic with me as I’m moving and it reminded me to thank you for the healings you gave me on the Gold Coast, I had endometriosis and over active thyroid both were meant to stop me from being able to fall pregnant,  I am now pregnant with my 2 nd miracle and I know it’s all thanks to you ! You’re an amazing man and I was blessed to have met you.   Love Always Suzie xx “Thank You Ian.


Dear Ian, Your perfect prediction and invaluable wise counsel have dragged me into a wonderful reality and given me back my life. With all my love and gratitude.  Trevor

Trevor testimonials

Feels good the protection amulet. You know me always doing things. Grabbed it out of the mailbox and put it on 20 minutes ago. Forgot I did, and kept looking down at it…meaning I am picking up on its energy. I don’t normally wear any jewellery because I don’t let things cloud my energy…

Trina Mc Donald testimonial

  Where else can people get a monthly magazine for $2 that isn’t a mass produced whole lot of rubbish? I wish that all the 14,000+ followers of this magazine continue to support you with at least a $2 donation to keep this magazine going otherwise everybody loses in the end. And yes! I have “put my money where my mouth is.” Blessed Be Love n Light Trudi xxx Love your patreon.

Trudi S testimonial

Thrive on news spiritual magazine is unaffiliated to any organisation, movement, religion or religious entity, and owns the intellectual property rights for all text on this website, which should not be reproduced in any shape or organisation express permission. Thrive on news spiritual magazine is independently owned and operated by psychic medium Ian Scott.


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