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Open Third Eye Vision Tool

Psychic Development Vision Tool

A visualization tool to awaken the imagination and open the inner intuitive eye. When the physical eye’s close the inner eyes of the soul open. When the body shuts down for sleep, the astral body livens.

Open Third eye Vision Tool
Psychic Development Mandala

Visualization Tool – Alive mandala – Art Work Ian Scott

Open Third Eye Vision Tool

1. Meditate upon the centre of the mandala, for a minute or so.
2. Close and relax the eyes, imagine a tunnel opening.

Within a few seconds, visions and pictures, abstract or not will begin to appear, keep watching them for as long as they last. Our focus determines the visions direction, example: if we focus on a particular part of our life that we need to work on, it will give insight and possible solutions.

If after doing this exercise you experience dizziness or headache stop. Continue at a later date. Slowly is the key. © by psychic medium Ian Scott – Nature’s Oracle Cards