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Almighty Power Of The Word

Words store strength, they can bring life to thoughts and be powerful enough to create, deceive, mislead and plant seeds. Ones of doubt and grief, one of belief and intrigue, one of fear and confusion, one of hopes and dreams. Ones of guilt and greed, ones of faith and curiosity, integrity and complexity, security and criticism, one of inspiration and passion, one of truth and pain, love, hate, and some come too late.

power of the word

Words in mind overlap with infinite file space Occupying memory with detail and specifications stacked up boxes of preferences in past references accumulating, changing and reshaping perception each one designing a base for the next to form.

We choke on the ones that mean something to us we let go of the ones we cant comprehend, we understand when we search and they’re explained, we hurt when we can’t seem to describe what’s inside, we become silent when expression evades insight we are afraid of the limits we built for us in the night we think so much and say so little, scared, it’s not right.

Elephant Poem

Every now and then one, two, three or a few slip out Some suddenly scream out, some stumble in whisper Some flow out effortlessly, not precisely but timely Some are striking, thought-provoking or enticing. Synonyms with synchronicity, personal pronouns. The objective adjectives, simple nouns and verbs we get excited or uptight when they rise up to the surface the mind’s eye delights with the profound connections irresistible as they seep through skin and mind and come alive.

Searing with feeling, subtlety simmering in your being. Upsetting composure, unsettling closure, undressing nostalgia, releasing euphoria with growing awareness what the nerves bare and cannot handle is worn over our souls like armour on a soldier. At ease and opening to inquiries through mutual communications through the magic of vocal exchange with clarity, sincerity love and patience. Words themselves may be misinterpreted but a language is a gift we’ve too long neglected.

2 Responses

  1. SiriusOryon says:

    Masterfully compelling words ;-)

  2. anniemariepeters says:

    Very insightful article. Words do indeed hold a lot power, both positive and negative. Being mindful of how we use language is a really important part of life.