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Angels Call To Service

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Channelled Angel Spirit Message

We Are All Angels

The stage upon which you play has been created by the sounding of a word so powerful that of itself, it created the holographic fabric you perceive within infinity. The original word rang with clarity to endlessly weave a design of truth upon the loom of its origin and its destiny.
You are not alone on this planet. There are angels amongst you, some living in human form, who participate willingly in your entanglement to help weave the truth between the veils. We need you to recognize us so that we can exist, as we bounce around on the edge of your reality with the force of your ignorance.
Your awareness of us is necessary for our participation at this point and to soften the surrender of the fall as the two worlds coagulate. We work in many dimensions as a team – united with the one intention – of calling our children back to the arms of the beloved.
angels within
angels in human form

For The Angels In Human Form

It pains us to watch you being strangled by the prison bars you have created which stretch out like tendrils, driven by hungry consortiums as you are willingly seduced and participate in the lie. With the weight of billions of years, we are falling towards the light – a dense black spot poised with wisdom, and containing a universe within itself, within itself. Since the light cannot exist in your world without destroying all creation, it needs many servants.
What is required at this time is a concentrated focus upon this infinite dot upon the page of life. The point of self. Within this, we bring you life. We need to be remembered to remember. We are your torch-bearers and we will shine upon your path if you give us the attention this task requires of you. To give back to us the life we give. © channelled by Jyoti Eagles

4 Responses

  1. Linda Rae

    Heavy. Thank you!

  2. theanimalspirits

    There are most certainly angels among us and many of us are them. ;) Thanks for transmitting in The LIGHT. Blessings! ~ Gerean/The Animal Spirits

    • Ian Scott

      Thank you so much,,we are the most powerful angels the ones that walk the earth for we are already in this realm

      • theanimalspirits

        And….we were purposed for this place in this time. Let there be LIGHT.