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Collection Of Animal Poems

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poetry about animals

Poetry About Animals

Poems About Animals

Saving the animals by raising consciousness through poetry. Earths animals are dying out becoming extinct, even today animal cruelty stands at an all time high. Our animals are sacred and deserve our love and protection for we all are the one family, residents of earth. Please join us in this celebration for animals. © by psychic medium Ian Scott ( thrive on / nature’s oracle )

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Animal Poems List

Temple Cat, Warrior Cat, Whale, Monkey, Animals Voice, Raven, Wolf, Elephant, Butterflies.

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Pangolin Walks

pangolin poem

Poetry about a pangolin

Spiritual Poetry Pangolin

Seeking refuge here long ago
I’am to from another world
I’ve learned to live here under stress and duress Continue reading >

Cat Poem Warrior Cat

poem about cats sleeping

Cat’s Dream Poem

Poem about Cat’s Sleeping

” Look she’s sleeping again ”
A cat’s wisdom is not to tell
A cat has belief we will see things,
clearly in the end. continue reading >

Animals Voice Poem

Animal Poem

Animals Voice

Stop Animal Cruelty Poems

We seem to be losing an exquisite system,
an endless list almost non existent.
The animal kingdom, the epoch of nature,
the very essence of life on earthContinue reading >

Migaloo Whale Poem

Spiritual Poetry Whale

Poem About Whales

Spiritual Poetry Migaloo Whale

Mother of the silica seas
omnipresent of the divine
sacred please keep in mind
communications with the ones
you cannot find. Continue reading >

Raven Poem

Spiritual Poetry Raven

Poetry Raven

Animal Poetry About Raven

Feasting on soft figs
Nesting high and safe,
my waste in flight gives life to another light. Continue reading >

Wolf Poem

Wolf Spirit Poem

Wolf Within

Animal Poems using Imagery

The wolf, warrior of unseen mysteries,
gatekeeper to realms unknown,
pathfinder of souls.

Strong enough to stand alone yet wise enough to understand
that in order to thrive family must survive. Continue reading >

Monkey Poem

Monkey Spiritual poem

Lord Monkey

Poems About Monkey

Lord Monkey he falls from heaven to open the heart of man
Mighty and magic monkey he rides
the clouds and draws the crowds. Continue reading >

Elephant Poem

Spiritual Poetry Grand Elephant

Grand Elephant

Poems About Elephants

I am large, I am Grand but I do not stand over you
Earth is my backyard and I walk the promenade
I do dance and sing with tricks a plenty
But none of these are for your comedic fix
I am astonishingly strong but I am gentle. Continue reading >

Cat Poem

Spiritual Poetry Cat

Temple Cat

Poems About Cats

Scouting away from the glaring
hunting, Playing, chasing faeries
talking to ghosts
not ordinary to most. Continue reading >

Butterfly Poem

Spiritual Poetry butterflies

Butterfly Poem

Poems About Butterflies

A butterfly can capture the eye
But to catch the eye of a butterfly requires a spry try
For a brief moment allow its beauty and
glory to belong and unfurl in our world. Continue reading >

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