Crow Totem Spiritual Meaning

The Spellbinders

The past, the present, the future
I dwell in all of them and at the same time.
I am Crow, master of illusion and keeper of sacred law.
Come share with me the magic I explore.

Crow animal spirit guide
Crow totem animal

Crow Metaphysical Meaning

Crow/Raven totem message, Dimension shifters and reformers, Masters in Magic, Mystical messages from the desolate places of the universe, Ancient law and wisdom, Omens and Prophecy, Shapeshifting, Divination, Limitless, Unseen forces, Personal growth, Knowers of the natural law of magic, Trickster, Personal power and transformation, Occult, The void is their home, Supernatural, World of illusion.

Seeing A Crow Spiritual Meaning

Crow animal medicine has an innate sense of family and self-protection nesting high in trees to give him insight and surveillance of his surroundings. Speak one’s truth with confidence. Messenger between the living and the dead. Being able to see the bigger picture of all small situations.

The darker side of black crow totem has tendencies to be deceiving and manipulative. Ceremonial magic and ritual are crows force helping or hindering in the process depending if he favors your intent and spell work. Crow calls for a team environment where all in his group are watched over and protected.

Totem Animal / Spirit Guide Crow

Crow spirit personalities are time travelers of the universe one of his lessons is that the past does not necessarily have to hurt, healing may be found by finding a new perspective on the past.  Crow spirit people are honorable to those they respect and have remarkable foresight and knowledge which he is willing to share to the worthy.

Crow animal spirit is unquestionably a masterful magician, a soothsayer the all wise one who sees more than he probably should, crow spirit has to be careful not to take advantage of individuals with knowledge lesser than his own.

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Crow Esoteric Meaning

The infamous Norse god Odin knower of the runes, had two crow protectors at his side Huginn (thought) and Muinnin (memory) who brought him messages and news from where mortal man lives. In medieval times witches and sorcerers kept a crow claw to protect themselves but also to cast spells on others.

In England, it was said that if a crow flies over your house and calls three times it is an omen of a death in the family. The ancient Celts believed crow was the notice of death, an omen of great magnitude and were frightened upon a vision of the bird.

Crow Signs And Symbols

A murder of crows resting on or near your front door and cawing out loudly is a message to have a caution of those around you as you are about to be deceived. Dreaming o a crow flying is a good omen, one of movement and transformation a new pathway was taken. Being followed by crows while traveling augers a spiritual growth period ahead, often with hard lessons learned undertones. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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