Tiger Meaning And Symbolism

Tiger Spiritual meaning An essence of spirit contains all that is. All that is the
Tiger His piercing eyes the glistening coat of stripes all convey protection.

tiger animal spirit guide
Tiger Animal Spirit

Through the essence of spirit I channel
the energy of Tiger

An essence of spirit contains all that is. All that is the Tiger. His piercing eyes the glistening coat of stripes with a colour that conveys danger. All that is the Tiger, is the essence, the past of Tiger. His trials, tribulations, and strengths all found in spirit as a collective form of energy, that may be called upon and used. This may be said about all living things as all living things have a spirit.

Tiger Spiritual Meaning

Through our connection with mind, body, and spirit, the channel needed to tune into the essence of spirit is learned.  A familiar animal, one you already may have a connection with is the wisest choice to bring through. It may not be the Tiger, it does not matter, as the metaphysical principles remain the same.

In the Chinese Martial Arts of Kung-fu, the animal’s physical characteristics were mimicked. The five animal system, which originated in the Henan Shaolin Temple consisted of the Crane, Snake, Leopard, Tiger, and Dragon.  The intense enduring dedication of training involved to achieve such a feat is astonishing. And revered in Martial Arts even today.

The stresses and manipulations associated with the body by doing this over the long-term are caused by going against the natural human biomechanical movements. For we do not have the same body structure as an animal, therefore, it is unnatural for us to try to move like one. With no offense intended, actually, I believe they were on to something. Which led me to write this article, wanting to share what my guides taught me oh so long ago.

No matter if we a Boxer a Martial Artist of any style or even a Yoga master. The essence of spirit, animal, or otherwise may be channeled. To bring back our example, the channeling of the Tiger will allow you to react, hear, sense, and feel and be one with the animal. Enter superhuman, supernatural abilities, as two become one. An ever nourishing, everlasting, a resource of energy available at will while in physical motion. Biomechanically moving, by the learned instincts of what self-defense training you may have.

What is the tiger a symbol of?

“The student picks the teacher
the teacher does not pick the student”

The famous Bruce Lee knew this Magic. Bruce instinctively intuitively channeled the essence of Dragon and Tiger. The Mythical animal Dragon has access to both Heaven and Earth and acts as a messenger between the two. If you are a fan The Way of The Dragon or The Return of The Dragon as it was released in the United States, co-starring Chuck Norris, is the best example of Bruce trying to convey his experiences and understanding of the essence of spirit.

The two animals used to symbolize the duality of Martial Arts are the Tiger and Dragon. Tiger representing the Physical, Dragon the spirit. Combined with a highly accomplished meditation of the mind, this path to enlightenment leads one to peace, peace of mind, and a love for planet Earth.

Becoming one with the Earth is a natural part of the Spiritual Warrior’s path to enlightenment. Martial Arts, Dance, and all other various forms of the arts of human movement create a divine connection to the universal whole. Inspiring and sending love out to the universe and all who witness this divine connection in motion. We have words for it but they only describe the witness’s feelings such as a tingle up my spine, goosebumps or the one I get a giggle from, someone just walked over my grave. © as channeled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Related: Spirit Animal Guides >

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  1. Hey rick the roar is to let you know tiger near and coming forward into your life. A true blessing. Tigee helps those to achieve greatness in their chosen profession. The dragon is spirit the tiger is physical strength this is asking you to find balance in you life. Feel special rick as tiger only comes to those who are worthy.

  2. I had a meditation today. In deep meditation I heard a tiger roar. I wasn’t scared but i want to know more. What’s the relvant to this situation. I have a dragon koi tattoo on left side of me. Just looking for some answer please.

  3. Thank you so much for your response. I will practice asking for them in the future before I sleep. ….although they seem to visit me without my conscious request. MANY Blessings! ~ Gerean

  4. How exciting panthers are true spiritual beings with plenty of clout in the metaphysical world. Panthers are solitary animals but will join forces for the good of the whole. These are totem animals of yours for sure learn their message and join forces with those of like mind. Panther also teaches astral travel ask for the pair of them at night before you rest to guide further is this realm. The dreams are spirit calling you to panthers wisdom, because there are two of them a group or company you will build. Ian Scott

  5. I just scrolled further down on your Spirit Animal posts and found The Panther. I will glean whatever information I can from there. ~ Gerean/The Animal Spirits

  6. I am recently (over the past year or so) visited in re-occurring dreams by two twin black panthers – they look identical, but are clearly separate entities. They either sit still together, or move fluidly together in all of the dreams. I get sense that one of the panthers represents me. I have done some basic research, but nothing I’ve found is resonating. Is it possible they are Spirit Animals and do you know where I might learn more?
    ~ Gerean/The Animal Spirits

  7. thank you, this is a very nice article. I am a tiger in the chinese horoscope too, and was at my best a rather physical character, mastering gymnastics at a young age, juggling at a later and did judo a little when I was small. getting back to these physical roots and remembering your original physical abilities is a wonderful thing, I believe in this world, where we are often turned far away from these instinctive, ‘animal’ behaviours, to mind-centred politics and trying to ‘sort out the worlds problems’, as if we are newcomers to sudden awarenesses, rather than the young pups we were when we were born into this world, just like any other animal kid. Namaste, Ian Scott, once again! ;)

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