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Animal Spirits And Their Meanings

Learn about the animal totems spiritual and magical meanings with this extensive list of knowledge. Animal spirit guides can remind us to call on our strengths to achieve a greater knowing of peace and to live a happier more fortuitous life. 

What Are And How To Work With Animal Spirits
The Shamans Path

What Are And How To Work With Animal Spirits

For an introduction to utilising our Animal Spirits click above on picture. For understanding the spiritual essence of all living things, please read Tiger. To find and connect with your animal spirit guides see animal spirit meditation © by psychic medium Ian Scott ( thrive on / nature’s oracle )

Animal Spirit List

Butterfly, CatElk, ElephantPraying Mantis, Ladybug, Bat, Bear, Crocodile, Crow, FoxHawk, Horse, Dragonfly, Snake, Tiger, Turtle, Panther, Owl, Wolf, Eagle, Dolphin, Whale Kangaroo . Jaguar, Water Dragon , FrogLion

 Animal Spirit Wisdom Stories

Owl, Hawk and Crow Shaman Story. Leopard Speaks, Scorpion, Dove and Eagle, Butterfly Healing Magic.

Animal Spirit Poems

Monkey, Elephant, Whale, Warrior Cat, Wolf Within, Temple Cat, Butterflies.

Animal Spirit Guides And Their Meanings

Butterfly Animal Spirit

Blue butterfly meaning

Blue butterfly Spiritual Meaning

Playful soul, seeker of joy,
dimension Traveller, spirit seer,
 Self discoveries are near.

Spiritual Meaning Butterfly

Butterfly, Acceptance of Change, Metamorphosis, The Changeling, Powerful Transformation of the soul, The Healer, Playful, Renewal, Rebirth, Joy, Love, Laughter, Elegance, Beauty, Transcendence, Dimension Traveller, Feminine, Magic, Shape shifting, Continue reading >

Dolphin Animal Totem

animal spirit guide dolphin

Dolphin Totem Animal

Dolphin animal spirit has relations with Neptune the moon and the element water. Dolphin spirits have mastered unconditional love, harmony and balance. Dolphins are sentient beings with extreme intelligence beyond our understanding. continue reading >

Kangaroo Animal Totem

kangaroo totem animal

Kangaroo Animal Spirit Guide

The Kangaroo totem encompasses both male and female energy blending the two seamlessly creating a magical balance between ruthless warrior and nurturing gentle softness, continue reading >

Cat Animal Totem

cat animal spirit

Cat Animal Totem

Cat Animal Spirit Symbolism And Meaning

Protectors of humans against malevolent and mischievous spirits, Clairvoyance, Intuition and psychic ability, Remote viewers and masters of telepathy, used by witches and wizards as their familiars for this very reason. continue reading >

Praying Manits Animal Spirit

praying mantis spirit animal

Praying Mantis totem animal

Spiritual Meaning Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis is both yin (female) & yang (male) energy, although in essence is female, Careful deliberate planning in all aspects of life, Contemplation and meditation, Extreme focus, Mental Agility, Decisive and actionable, continue reading >

Ladybug Animal Spirit

ladybug animal spirit guide

Ladybug Spiritual Meaning

Ladybug Spiritual Meaning

Ladybug or ladybird beetles are a symbol of luck and prosperity and closely associated with love. Love, laughter and excitement are all traits of the ladybug, where she flies, joy follows. continue reading >

Bat Animal Spirit

Animal Totem Bat


The belly of Mother Earth,
the cave dwellers versed in magic.
The Dream weavers,
unraveling the spiritual mysteries.

Spiritual Meaning Bat

Bat animal spirit, Extra Sensory Perception, Re-generation, Communication, Death and Re-birth / Endings and Beginnings, Telepathy, Renewal, Trust of instincts, Spiritual Growth, Social, Sensitive, Initiation, Ritual, Shape Shifters, Challenge, Magic, Continue reading >

Fox Animal Spirit

fox totem animal

Fox Totem

Fox Spirit Animal Symbolism

Supernatural powers, Shape shifting abilities, Versed in the old magic, Invisibility, a natural talent of stealth with ninja like qualities, Strength and courage with inherent wisdom, Loyalty to those chosen by them. Highly intuitive and has a similar trait to bat, to see clearly what is hidden. continue reading >

Elk Animal Spirit

Elk spiritual meaning

Elk Medicine

Elk Symbolism

Elk spirit animal evokes the energy of change with betterment, Nobility and strength, High energy both physically and spiritually, Ghosts of the forest, continue reading >

Bear Animal Spirit

Animal Spirit Bear


The teachers teacher
but I am to taught to,
through the astral travels
I take in winter.

The healers healer
but I am healed to,
through the solace I take from the sun.

Spiritual Meaning Bear

Bear, Healers, Hidden strength, Courage, Intuition, Teacher, Magic,
Transcendence, Element Earth, Connected to the herb Mugwort,
Regeneration, Family, Patience, Peace, Motherhood, Protection,
Balance, Solar energy and Lunar energy, Duality. Continue reading >

Crocodile Animal Spirit

Crocodile animal spirit

Crocodile totem animal

Earth magic,
crocodile has the secret.

The possessor crocodile can be,
the healer he is.

Don’t be deceived,
crocodile is a spiritual being.

Spiritual Meaning Alligator – Crocodile 

Earth Magic, Protection, Ancient Wisdom,
Health negative and positive aspects
,Psychic awareness through a strong connection
with the earth and it’s weather patterns,
A knowing of thyself both the positive and the negative,
allowing protection against deceit and wrong doing. Continue reading >

Crow Animal Spirit

animal spirit crow

Crow totem animal

The past, the present, the future
I dwell in all of them and at the same time.
I am Crow, master of illusion and keeper of sacred law.
Come share with me the magic I explore.

Spiritual Meaning Crow

Crow / Raven, Dimension shifters and reformers, Masters in Magic,
Mystical messages from the desolate places of the universe, Ancient law and wisdom,
Omens and Prophecy, Shape shifting, Divination, Limitless, Unseen forces, Continue reading >

Hawk Animal Spirit

Spirit Animal hawk


“When you cannot see,
is when you see the most.”
With the eyes closed visions appear.

Spiritual Meaning Hawk

Hawk, Clear Vision, Foreseeing The Future, Spiritual Awareness, Visionary Power, Protection, Intelligence, Strategy, The Keen Observer, Leadership, Kundalini – all seven chakras Continue reading >

Horse Animal Spirit

Spirit animal horse

Horse Spirit Animal

I am powerful, I am free and wild.
Companion on the spiritual journey,
to sacred lands of magic and plenty.
I am the spirit of Horse.

Spiritual Meaning Horse

Horse, Free Spirit, Endurance, Awakenings, Independence, Inner Strength, Valor, Self Expression, Nomadic Journey, Confidence, Pegasus, Unicorn, Adventuresome, Nobility, Kindness, Elegance, Honor, Champion, Social and Sexual Creatures. Continue reading >

Dragonfly Animal Spirit

Animal Spirit Guide Dragonfly


Sit quietly and watch
for you do not hear the Dragonfly
he is the keeper of meditation

Spiritual Meaning Dragonfly

Shape Shifter, Transformation, Supernatural Power, Master in the realm of Magic, Self Realization, Change, Nature Spirit Friends, Connected Water and Wind, Harmony, Prosperity, Purity, Positive Force, Renewal, Maturity, Continue reading >

Snake Animal Spirit

Animal Spirit Snake

Animal Spirit Guide – Snake Medicine – Serpent Fire

Massaging the earth with my walk,
hearing her healing through her talk.
We are connected mother earth and I.

Silently slithering, magically delivering,
sensually moving, awakening to ascension.
The alchemy of earth is in my veins, I am Snake.

Spiritual Meaning Snake

Snake, Transmutation, Healing, Serpent, Medicine, Renewal,
Male and female sexuality, Expressed sensuality,
Connected to lightning and the moon, Elemental Power. Continue reading >

Tiger Animal Spirit

Animal Spirit Guide tiger


Through the essence of spirit I channel
the energy of Tiger

Essence Of Tiger Animal Spirit

An essence of spirit contains all that is. All that is the Tiger. His piercing eyes the glistening coat of stripes with a color that conveys danger. All that is the Tiger, is the essence the past of Tiger. Continue reading >

Turtle Animal Spirit

Animal spirit guide

Turtle totem animal

Spiritual Meaning Turtle

I Have total recall of my past lives
Acutely aware, sensually gliding the waters
Ever so softly caressing waves, sliding gracefully.

I am Turtle, ancient keeper of knowledge of generations past
Never lost, journeying on the round, Atlantis my mast
Earth magic, guardian of the two worlds, I am Turtle. Continue reading >

Panther Animal Spirit

Animal Spirit Guide Black-Panther.


Spiritual Meaning Panther

Astral Travel, Spiritual, Secretive, Silent, Elegant, Valor, Connected to the Moon, Solitary, Feminine, Ancient Mysticism, The Crone ( Old wise woman ), Guardian Energy, Power and Strength, God of darkness, Courage, Old Soul, Continue reading >

Owl Animal Spirit

Animal Spirit Guide White Owl


Darkness is no obstacle
as I have enough light inside
to see through the illusion

Spiritual Meaning Owl

Owl, Psychic Energy, Independence, Wisdom, Third Eye, Spirituality,
Supernatural Power, Connection with Night time and the Moon,
Mystery, Magic, Protection, Intuition, Secrets,
Intelligence, Transition, 
Telepathy, Afterlife. Continue reading >

Wolf Animal Spirit

Animal Spirit Guide White Wolf


Talking the sounds of wolves

touching and reaching the heart

Tracking the old soul is the love of Wolf

Spiritual Meaning Wolf

WolfTelepathic Communication, Pathfinder, Intuition, Untamed Spirit, Guardian of the spirit realm, Ritualistic, Spirit Guide Teacher, ( Gray Wolf ) Spiritual Warrior, The six senses, Stamina, Loyalty, Family, Body Language, Faithful, Companionship, Discipline. Continue reading >

Whale Animal Spirit Guide

Whale Song

Whale Animal Spirit Symbolism

Ancient mystical keepers of earth and it’s magic, there are no secrets which are kept from whale spirit. Whale song is the earth’s rhythmic heart beat the connector between the “om” of nature and the sounds of the sea, joining water and earth as one, these two sounds are the sounds of mother nature herself. continue reading >

Elephant Animal Spirit Guide

animal totem elephant

Elephant Spiritual Meaning

Elephant Symbolism. The grand elephant spirit animal is symbolic of extreme courage and tolerance with the stamina and strength to match. Continue reading >

Eagle Animal Spirit

Animal Spirit Guide eagle


“Yes you may see through me for a little while,
but remember I to in turn will see through your eyes”.

Shaman Meditation Eagle animal Spirit

With eyes closed ready in trance now face your third eye towards the eagle.
Perched in the trees high above he sits just a thought takes us closer.
Glistening in the sun his eye sparkles with a wink of approval. Continue reading >

Channeled Messages From The Spirit Animals

Owl, Hawk & Crow Animal Spirits

Animal Spirits owl hawk crow


Drifting into the journeys
that may only be reveled at night.

Shaman Story Animal Spirit Guides
Owl, Hawk and CrowContinue reading >

Scorpion, Dove And Eagle

animals spirits scorpion dove eagle

Shaman Story

Leopard Speaks

spiritual message from leopard

Spirit Message From Leopard

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Animal Spirit Guide Meanings
© by Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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