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Animals Voice Poem A Dying Breed

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The Animals Voice Poem

We seem to be losing an exquisite system,
an endless list almost nonexistent.
The animal kingdom, the epoch of nature,
the very essence of life on earth.

animals voice poem

The resistance growing weary
a resilience all but drained of spirit.
On the verge of extinction, our brothers and sisters lay,
voiceless we cannot say.
The cry we hear has been only for ourselves,
too selfish to notice anything else.

The seas and bodies of water echo with a sadness,
the whales, sharks, dolphins, fish and microorganisms,
the deeply hidden creatures of old sing out,
ringing a final warning bell.


The forests, bushlands, and the plains mutter prayers
with a hollowing growl, the jungles shuffling and rumbling
with there hearts out begging for our recklessness to end.

animals voice poem
Animal Protection Poem

The lions, tigers, wolves and bears, gnarl in pain,
the critters, the monkeys and apes slew without care.
The very wildlife we proclaim to protect
lays bear at our doorstep whispering to the gods.
The sky’s once strewn in colour is motionless
and bear with the songs of life filtered in the air.

The birds, bugs, bees, butterflies
and winged brethren losing breath, suffocating in despair
Singing only to the few left with enough soul to hear
the painful tune of a dying breed.

Greed leaving barren the once abundant polar caps,
deserted and abandoned in warming lairs.
The penguins and seals, fish and polar bears
wearing thin losing skin and what do we think?

animals voice poem

Without these creatures, we cease to exist
our spirits disconnect from the very core of our being.
It’s a must we love all our nature
to choose one life over another would go against my nature.

To hold one more valuable than another
hurts my soul and I stand here today to ask,
we reach out for all as one or watch it all fall as none.
Is one more worthy than the other?

I take this time and place as my chance
to speak for the voiceless the dulled outcries
the silence with selfish lies even the trees and plants
emanate a pulse in colour now drenched in blood.

I hear their whispers and my heart bleeds
with there its a shame to know of this pain
of the slain, innocence killed in vain.

So I came up with a notion a token of love
for all that is sacred to rid us of this hatred
we must take it as a call for help we must stand up.

animals voice poem
Animal Protection Poetry

United for all not just ourselves or continue to sit on the shelf
while our empty beliefs systematically fail at the hands of self.
Join me in this fight for what is right, a plight for our feathered,
fury, scaly, water bound and winged souls left alone in strife.

We can save our brothers and sisters
if we are willing to put ourselves outta sight just for a moment in time.
Please heed my plea and let’s do what’s needed.. – © Wendee Valencia



4 Responses

  1. EMMA (@Ddraigcoch1)

    I have felt some of these emotions, the senseless waste, the greed, the idiocy of humankind. I hope for an awakening of knowledge and in time for the Earth to start healing herself again.

  2. anniemariepeters

    “The very wildlife we proclaim to protect”. What a powerful line! It does feel like humans are willing scream at the top of our lungs about protecting our planet and everything within, then with the next breath do irreparable harm. I think the change has to happen within every individual. One by one, we CAN change.

  3. Katie-Anne Phillips

    Love this. Being a Vegan and an Activist helps me do my part in chipping away at the injustice.

    • Psychic Medium Ian Scott

      Thanks for your excellent comment so happy you enjoyed it. Animals need all the help they can get.