April Monthly Horoscope

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May Monthly Horoscope

Astronomically April will be a complicated time with the influences of both Mars and Saturn. It seems that Neptune and Jupiter give us an opportunity to reach into other realms and feel the connectedness of who so ever and what so ever abounds. The dynamic and disciplined time ahead of guys, but a lot can be achieved under these influences. It is a time to dream big but not to act on them just yet. Let Pluto finish off his last bits and pieces first.

April monthly horoscope
Aries star sign

Monthly Horoscope Aries

Take care this month to plan your life. A little spontaneity is ok but just be aware that you can have the tendency to dive in where angels fear to tread. Saturn says to look at the structures in your life. Exercise some discipline and watch out for destructive influences. Relationships could seem a little ambiguous and you will have to work on sorting out some issues. Keep your balance.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope
Taurus star sign

Monthly Horoscope Taurus

Pluto, Saturn and Venus play a merry dance around you during April, Expect an active influx of energy, and if you work hard it will pay off for you financially. Avoid argument with your loved ones and there could be some rather provocative situations during the first 10 days of the month…

Gemini monthly horoscopes
Gemini star sign

Monthly Horoscope Gemini

You are able to juggle all things well this month which, with a little diligence will bring success in both your sphere of work and of romance. Victory is yours but you will have to rely totally on yourself. Your intuition is strong at the moment so trust it and let it take you where your higher self-wishes to direct you. Be attentive to your lover as that smooth talking lounge of yours may not be quite enough.

Cancer monthly horoscopes
Cancer star sign

Monthly Horoscope Cancer

A relatively easy month for the Crab. You seem to not be in the line of fire of the ambiguous energies of the month and Jupiter lends a heaping serving of good luck. Make the most of it as others around you may be struggling. If you have a younger sister she will have an influence on things at this time. Hard work pays off for you this month as things just seem to flow for you.

Leo monthly horoscope
Leo star sign

Monthly Horoscope Leo

Lion the best advice I can give to the Lion this month is to stay in your den… It seems there are negative influences around every corner and none of them seems to be of your making. Don’t react. Respond. The Sun will move past its conflicting aspect to Pluto and Uranus during the second part of the month and things will ease up for you. Keep a handle on those thoughts and stay in your heart.

Virgo monthly horoscope
Virgo star sign

Monthly Horoscope Virgo

You seem to be clear of any of the big guy’s influences this month so make the most of it. You should have success in business and pleasure but be careful to stay with your practical side. You could get a little carried away with unrealistic fantasies.

Libra monthly horoscope
Libra star sign

Monthly Horoscope Libra

You should have a relatively stable time this month and as the full moon falls in your house balance will be highlighted. If things don’t go to plan with business matters, look for an alternative. There are plenty available for you.

Scorpio monthly horoscope
Scorpio star sign

Monthly Horoscope Scorpio

You can handle whatever they throw at you this month Scorpio, no matter what challenge arises. This is a good time to expand your business vista. Taking on new responsibilities should be easy for you to handle as any action you instigate will serve you well. Learn how to manage the stick and the carrot carefully. The gods are on your side.

Saggitarius monthly horoscope
Saggitarius star sign

Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius

Life could get a little complicated this month. It’s important for you to think things through Keep your guard up Saggie. Diplomacy and awareness are needed in certain situations. You may need to resolve some situation of conflict but you have all the tools you need at hand. If you have children pay attention to them. They might need your support right now.

Capricorn monthly horoscope
Capricorn star sign

Monthly Horoscope Capricorn

A productive time for the Mountain Goat. You will be feeling bulletproof at the beginning of the month. It is the perfect time to exert your power and know that you have the celestial support to go for it. Make sure all the foundations are strong, however, or things could come tumbling down next month. Meditation and any kind of spiritual practice will benefit you.

Aquarius monthly horoscope
Aquarius star sign

Monthly Horoscope Aquarius

Hard work and lots of players are on the agenda for you freedom lovers this month. Both should pay off well for you. Things could get really busy in the second half of the month but with a playful attitude, you should just breeze through it all.

Pisces monthly horoscopes
Pisces star sign

Monthly Horoscope Pisces

Be attentive Pisces. Things are not as they seem. You could be subjected to some kind of deception so keep your radar up. There is no point in being oversensitive this month because you just won’t get the sympathy or understanding. Pull in those natural empathetic characteristics and allow others to be who they are. © by astrologer Jyoti Eagles


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