April Monthly Horoscopes

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star sign aries


Yes indeed, it’s your Happy Birthday!!! And it’s a special birthday month ahead, not only because you are so special and collectable, but because a whopping lunar eclipse mid-month will kick-start some pretty amazing relationships if you’re ready and willing. Just don’t be too pig-headed about the way things should be.

star sign taurus


Time to put you out to pasture this month Toro. Time to take a long deep breath and listen to your psyche… she is trying to tell you something, but you could be just a little too stubborn to listen. Anyhoos, it will behoove you well to get a grip mid-month as the lunar eclipse wallops your sweet rump and you get to feel the pain.

star sign gemini


Sweet dreams can be made this month as a lunar eclipse gives you what you hope for. Better hope it’s good because you get to share it with your friends. Yay! Expect a particularly fun-filled time mid-month as kids (or lovers) take up your time and attention. But as always, there will be choices to be made. Big choices.

star sign cancer


A big month ahead for you Sweetheart with a whopper lunar eclipse shedding some light on just how gorgeous you can (or should) be. Your home life will have a huge impact on you getting ahead out there in the Big Wide World (or visa versa) and you will need to be ultra-cunning to balance the scales.

star sign leo


Just when you thought you had it all sorted, along comes a lunar eclipse mid-month… sending you on a completely new and bizarre path. A change of mind and heart which will have far-reaching consequences awaits you Kitty. And of course, you need to take the reins and show ‘em all who’s boss.

star sign virgo


Money makes the world go around and this month the lunar eclipse lights up your piggy bank… or if you have a partner, then your joint piggy bank. What you like to spend your hard-earned cashola on, may be completely at odds with what your Significant Other would like. Aye there’s the rub… you’re going to have to sort it.

Libra-star sign


Sharing and caring. That’s you… most of the time. But the lunar eclipse this month may cause a few problems as the scales get tipped one way or another. Eeek! Very upsetting for your inner balance, but try to ride it out like an exotic flu and if all else fails, pull out the old passive-aggressive manoeuvre. Works every time.

Scorpio-star sign


So everything has been “above board” lately? Good. Because if not, the lunar eclipse mid-month could cause inner tension to surface when least expected. And you don’t like the unexpected… puts you off your game. Take this time to look after your body and cleanse your psyche… you’re well overdue for a renewal.

Sagittarius-star sign


Oooh goody it’s treat time!! This month could be your lucky month as a lunar eclipse gets things moving in a big way. Just expect a little more than you bargained for as friends will be a source of inspiration (or irritation) as you take a giant step forward. Dreams can (and do) come true.

Capricorn-star sign


Who’s the boss? You are… or so think you are. And this month the lunar eclipse will either take you one step higher in the world… or three steps back. It all depends on what’s happening at home. Try and stay calm and get as organised as possible so you can roll with the punches and come up trumps. Oooh yeah!

Aquarius-star sign


If you thought you were going to have some “quiet time” this month… forget it. A massive lunar eclipse will scatter your brain-waves (even more than usual) and you will have to exert extreme control over anything you say (or think) as it will be held against you. No worries Weirdo… folks think you’re crazy anyhoo.

monthly horoscopes


Not sure what happened to that “rainy day” jar full of dreams? Never mind, the lunar eclipse will either bury it for good or reveal that it has much more than you thought. You’re entire value system is going through a makeover and what you think you want, may not actually be what you need.  – Crystal Gaze


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