New Moon April 2015

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New Moon Meaning Astrology

new moon april 2015

New Moon Astrology 2015

New Moon April 19th @ 28º Aries AEST

This months New Moon in Aries, Mars squares Jupiter, Venus squares Neptune and the Moon and Sun are going into Taurus so we can expect super human feats of bravery and strength, warrior energy at its best, great sacrifices will be made with love and devotion, giving of our best and tapping into that which is rich and fertile. Expand it to a global level or scale it down to your own personal life and it still feels pretty awesome.

April new moon was always going to be intense. Uranus and Pluto have finally stepped out of the square ring and put away their gloves. Pluto is going retrograde this week while Uranus is full steam ahead in Aries as they go their separate ways. We can expect the changes these two have brought about to be sudden now: electric and unexpected with a nice edge of weirdness. Your wildest dreams may not seem so out of reach. All can be healed, forgiven and enriched with a life-enhancing flow of gentle compassion. © by astrologer Jyoti Eagles


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