Ash Tree Spiritual Meaning

Ash inner and outer worlds doth know
Keys that link above with below.

ash tree ogham meanings
Ash Spiritual Meaning

Ogham Letters Meanings Ash Tree

The last lettter in the first group (aicme) of five letters in our magical tree alphabet

Ogham Astrology: February 18th – March 17th
Ash – or Nuinn (Neen) representing the letter N.
Latin – Fraxinus Excelsior

Ogham Spiritual Meaning

The tree of rebirth. Change, Order, Harmony, Balance. Australian equivalent:  Dog Rose or River Rose – Beaura Radiodes. Ash Tree bark can be used to heal arthritis, rheumatism and liver diseases.  An infusion of the leaves is a good laxative and diuretic. The bark must be gathered in spring and dried in a warm place. The leaves are best gathered in summer.

Ash tree leaves ogham meaning
Ash Tree Leaves

Ogham Divination Meanings Ash Tree

Metaphysically it connects the past present and future. Life is a series of birth death and rebirth and when those moments of feeling blocked or caught between the ending of one cycle and the next beginning, meditate with an incense made from Ash tree to see what the subconscious reveals. It works well for writer’s block.

Ogham Symbols And Meanings

Demetre and Persephone come to mind, where Demetres daughter is abducted by Hades into the underworld, leaving the land without her joyous playfulness and barren until the spring when she returns again to bring new life. By turning inwards one can plant fresh seeds for the next harvest. The Celtic association is with Maeve – the Irish goddess of sovereignty, or land goddess. In Greek mythology Zeus is said to have created humans from the ash trees, Yggdrasil was the cosmic ash uon which Odin hung for nine days until he discovered the rune stones.

Herbs And Their Uses

It was considered a solar tree (ruled by the sun – fire). The Iceland word for ash, aske, means ‘blaze of great fire’, ash being the very best firewood that can even be burned green. It has a strong association with warriors, traditionally used to make spears to aim with in practice. Sometimes called the works tree of life © by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles


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