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44 nature’s Oracle Cards

Nature’s Oracle Cards

Oracle card reading ask Nature’s Oracle cards (Australia) a question? Try a sample of Nature’s Oracle cards here below with full instructions on how to use this page. Be guided by the wind transformed by earth and blessed by the comet knowing that waterfall shapes your dreams. Blissfully enter the wisdom of nature explore its mystical and spiritual meanings. Learn the ways of the spiritual warrior through reading the signs of nature herself. Allow Nature’s Oracle cards to help you create that connection, strong intuition and a shaman’s knowledge of nature’s signs and symbology.

Nature’s Oracle cards by the popular Australian Psychic Medium Ian Scott, Ian has over 30 years experience as a professional psychic medium. Nature’s Oracle cards were channeled from spirit by Ian in a process called automatic writing. Nature’s Oracle cards offer spiritual wisdom and guidance to any situation or circumstance we may find ourselves in our lives. Nature’s Oracle will help you align with your own psychic ability developing strong intuition, helping you make decisions which bring about the most fortuitous outcome of your projects and goals.

Asking Spirit To Help

Nature’s Oracle (The way of energy) a divination Oracle card system, that acts as a spiritual learning tool, to help one raise their consciousness and develop one’s psychic potential. Within the words and principles outlined in Nature’s Oracle an energy may be read about any question. Hidden around finding the answer to your question is a guide to a higher understanding of the universal principles and the natural laws of Earth magic. The symbol for Nature’s Oracle and Thrive On News is two Ogham letters combined together, to see its meaning read our about page.

Nature’s Oracle is a learning tool for
higher consciousness & Psychic Awareness.
Channeled by Psychic Medium Ian Scott. Australia.

How To Use The Cards

Oracle cards online, Nature’s Oracle The way of energy is an Oracle, so it responds to questions you ask it. Before choosing an Oracle card, think of a question. Hold that question in mind. Hit the shuffle button, hit the flip card button. And read your oracle card.  Contemplation on the oracle card chosen broadens your understanding of the answer you’re looking for. Please enjoy the psychic awareness Oracle, remember to meditate upon the answer given, to allow your own psychic intuition to enter. To learn more about Nature’s Oracle > Oracle cards available to purchase here >

A small portion of Nature’s Oracle 44 Card Deck
Spiritual Guidance Oracle


Meaning of Oracle

Oracle from Latin oraculum, divine announcement…among the ancient Greeks and Romans a) the place where or medium by which, deities were consulted: b) the revelation or response of a medium or priest:2 a) any person believed to be in communication with a deity: b) any person of great knowledge or wisdom.

Oracle Cards And Their Meanings

Please remember this is only a handful of a 44 card deck. This page is designed to try nature’s oracle. Please understand that Nature’s Oracle is far more accurate with all 44 cards in hand. As it tunes into your aura energy to give you the correct answer.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

nature's oracle cards

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