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Are You Asleep? Higher Consciousness

The opposite to awake or ascending spiritually, Higher consciousness
frees us from the material realms of anxiety and negativity.

higher consciousness
Cut off spiritually

Do you find yourself repeating to others in social situations all you have heard that day? Do you buy things and then wonder why? Do you join in on negativity and finger-pointing? Later to realize you maybe don’t even feel that way?

Do you feel a strong desire that your life is worthless without material wealth? Do you feel a strong desire that you are cut off from the world around you without the internet?

Do you make decisions based on what you hear or what read or others tell you? Do you suffer from financial anxiety always feeling you don’t have enough? Do or did you have children based on a feeling that you had too? Did you buy a house based upon a feeling of this is what will make me happy and wealthy?

Deep State Of Hypnotism

Are you constantly on the move making decisions on the fly, to busy to eat and have no time to sleep? Your asleep while in a wakeful state.

99% of the world’s anxiety is caused by hyper marketing and the greed and power associated with monetary wealth and a crazed few wanting to own the world.

Most of the decisions we make every day are based on what is flooded into our consciousness through movies, books, television, and fake media. Our whole focus and consciousness are overcome and running on the smell of material confinement. That is your mind sees nothing but material wealth as a reason to be happy.

Symptoms Of Being Asleep

Welcome to the symptoms of being asleep, lets recap shall we. You can’t physically sleep or you need in excess of 10 hours of sleep or more. And even then you don’t feel energized to tackle the day.

You’re not really sure how things happen in your life. They just seem too. Most of my decisions are made for me. I have lost myself into the abyss of the internet. I try to keep happy by purchasing things and jumping on board on what everyone else is doing and saying. But really have no idea what I really think.

Higher Consciousness

If your looking to awake it is difficult. The more you are hypnotized by your screens and the negativity of fake news. The deeper you are in the anxiety of the material world. The only true way to break such a curse is to become a spiritual being, to know yourself extremely well. Well enough to feel confident in making your own decisions. And finding the compassion to treat all living things as you would your own family.

Thrive on news spiritual magazine exists only for this reason to awake people to the world of the metaphysical. Our world is full of magic but only a small percentage of people are aware of this. Take control of your life, take back your power, awaken to higher consciousness. © Copyright 2019 Ian Scott

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