Leo Star Sign Meaning

Zodiac Sign Leo

Star Sign

Leo Sign

22nd July – 21st August

Leo traits and symbology

Glyph: Lion
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Color: Gold
Motto: I Create
Affirmation: I manifest the divine spark
Body: The Heart and Spine
Stone: Amber, citrine, golden topaz
Yoga: Salute to the Sun (Surya Namaskara)
Sacred Animals: Lion, Salmon and Horse

Leo Sexuality

The big cat. Passionate, romantic and affectionate. Courtship, dressing-up and role play. Being worshipped and adored.

Leo Mythology

Leo was one of the earliest recognised constellations dating back to Mesopotamia as early as 4000 BC. The Persians, Turks, Syrian and Indians all called this constellation “The Lion”. In Babylonian astronomy, it was called “Great Lion”. In ancient Greece, Leo was associated with the mythical Merman Lion… a lion with a skin so tough that nothing could penetrate it. However, Hercules managed to kill the lion and use the claws to cut the pelt before placing the Lion in the sky.

Leo Star Sign Personality

The Creator – personal power and individual creativity. To realise the unique potential of the ego through some form of creative expression. This expression of the ego is necessarily a narcissistic one since a firm sense of self-love (and identity) is essential before sharing oneself or giving one’s energy to another.

Leo Shadow Self

Inflated or diminished ego resulting in delusions of grandeur, vanity and narcissistic personality disorders. If meaning or purpose in life and a suitable expression of this is not found, then isolation from the larger social sphere may result. Over-dramatic, temperamental and domineering.

Leo Constellation

Leo the Lion is the 12th largest constellation in the sky. The constellation consists of a curved line known as the Sickle which represents Lion’s head. This is followed by the most famous star Regulus (the King) which marks the Lions heart, a trio of stars representing the LLion’shindquarters, ending with the star Denebola (the Lions Tail).

Leo Brightest Star

The brightest star in the constellation of Leo is Regulus (the King and “the star that stands at the Lions breast”). It is a triple system of which the primary is a hot, flushed white and ultramarine dwarf star. This royal star offers great power and is fortunate for matters of status and leadership, but can lead to sudden downfall. © Crystal Gaze Astrology

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