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Pisces Star Sign Meaning

Pisces star sign meaning To explore the phenomena of
higher consciousness itself through meditation and dreamwork… dreams.

Pisces star sign

Pisces Sign

22nd February – 21st March

Pisces traits and symbology

Glyph:  Two Fish
PlanetNeptune Element:  Water
Color:  Ocean Blue
Motto:  I Dissolve
Affirmation:  I merge my ego with the Divine
Body:  The Feet and Pineal Gland (third eye)
StoneAmethyst, Aquamarine, Jade
Yoga:  Fish pose, Tai Chi
Sacred Animals:  Fish, Wolf and Snake
Rune Stone: Othila, Dagaz

Pisces Sexuality

Desire to merge, very sensual, fantasy, role-play, imaginative, tantric.

Pisces Mythology

Pisces the Two Fish is associated with the Roman legend of Venus and Cupid who escaped the monster Typhon by transforming into fish and tying themselves together with rope.  In Greek mythology, the constellation Pisces is associated with the fish into which the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros transformed in the Euphrates while fleeing from the monster Typhon.

Pisces Personality

The Mystic – to merge and become one with the Universe.  To explore the phenomena of consciousness itself through meditation and dreamwork… dreams that purge unnecessary psychic junk and dreams that carry prior life content.  Astral travel.  The collective unconscious.  To delve into the imagination… fantasy, illusion, and delusion.

Pisces Shadow Self

Escapist, “spaced out”, vulnerable, impractical, weak boundaries, foggy, confused and depressed.

Pisces Constellation

Pisces the Two Fish (Northern and Southern Fish) is the 14th largest constellation.  It is a relatively faint constellation and contains five stars with known planets.  An interesting object in this constellation is Van Maanen’s Star, the nearest single white dwarf to the Sun situated at a distance of only 14.1 light-years away.

Pisces Brightest Stars

The brightest star in the constellation Pisces is Alpherg (Head of Typhon). It is a bright giant star with a faint companion, situated in the cord near the tail of the Northern Fish, 294 light-years from Earth.  This star gives preparedness, steadiness, determination and final success.  © Crystal Gaze Astrology

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