Astrology August Horoscopes

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Every dog has its day and this month it’s time to bare your teeth and have fun, fun, fun.  Get ready, get set and go for it… nobody will stand in your way unless of course you lose that pretty temper of yours and throw a tantrum for all to admire.  Put a muzzle on it and shake those mood swings and then you, my dear, will be the life of the party.  Seriously.


Give you a home where the buffalo roam and then all will be peachy creamy.  Moo.  Well maybe baby, but being rather over-sensitive right now and with a desire to break free regardless of the consequences, your home may feel a little repressive and restrictive.  Don’t sweat it… it’s only for a month and then you can break the mold.


You rather like this time of year when your fidgety, restless self gets to go here, there and everywhere.  All those errands and all those pesky bits of paper will finally start to take form… and like magic, it all gets sorted.  So now you can work on your reworked agenda from last month and see if you still want what you did then.  Decisions, decisions… yes indeed life is one big binary choice.


This month kick starts on the 6th with a brill new moon filling up (or emptying) your piggy bank.  Time to take a close look at your finances… see what changes are needed to guarantee security and “joy”.   After all, what makes you happy makes everyone happy… because if you ain’t happy, nobody is.  Approach with caution and ask yourself this:  Are the same things still making you happy?


Well hello Pussy Cat.  Guess what?  It’s your Birthday!!!!  Happy Big One to you.  Preening is high on the list this month because you going to have to look your best… after all you’ll be expecting visitors and gifts and above all, ATTENTION!  Pity anyone who forgets, fore they shall be banned from your kingdom 4EVA and never to darken your doorstep again… unless of course they bow and scrape and say “sorry for the belated wishes”.  Then all is cool in Kitty Cat Heaven.


This month you will feel like you’re in a white room… locked away… in a state of pure bliss.  Well that’s what you’re aiming for Pretty One, otherwise a state of confusion looms like mist on the horizon and you ain’t gonna know what’s going on.  Just go with the flow and do your work behind closed doors… and listen to the rhythm of the universe.  Magic can happen. -read on next page-


Time to expand your social network and charm your way to the top as only you can.  Yes you are definitely in the mood to get noticed and appreciated for your grace and wit and gorgeous complexion.  Just make sure that any group that hankers after your natural diplomatic skills are worthy of your precious time and energy.  If unsure, back off and weigh up the pros and cons.


With a swagger to your stinger you, my friend, get ultra-productive this month.  Time to get noticed and time to put your foot once again upon that ladder of power and success.  But… and it’s a big BUT… only if you are able to rework your hidden agenda so that it remains hidden.  It will be revealed of course (in a few months) but for now stay schtum and smile.


Make haste while the sun shines and get those hooves moving and shaking towards a brighter horizon.  The Bigger Picture looms, but if you’re too busy, stuck in a rut or just can’t get away then best to escape via a new philosophy.  Embrace all that is foreign and exotic and you’ll be speaking in tongues in no time.


Your black beast is getting restless my friend.  Secret passions and taboos force you into hiding… force you to wrestle with the dark side where old fears and phobias lurk.  A soul mate features strongly in your psyche but first you must deliver a fatal blow to some of your old obsessions.  Have no fear… you will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of destruction.


OK so you usually get along well with everybody (well mostly everybody) but this month your unorthodox and independent approach to life will set the stage for an altercation with your alter-ego.  Ask yourself this:  Is there something you don’t like about that person that you don’t like about yourself?  Take a good look and take it on board baby.


Suffering just a teeny hangover from last month’s celebrations, it’s time to put the glass down, stop drowning your sorrows (real or imagined) and get to work.  Treat your body with a little respect and do it now before the hypnotic pull of energy at the end of the month throws you into the deep end.  Don’t get lazy.

Crystal Gaze


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