Astrology February Monthly Horoscopes

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star sign aries


This month promises quite a bit of social success.  You’re going to be popular… to the extreme… so spend time with like-minded pals that share your hopes and dreams.  Just keep that temper of yours tempered… or you may just end up looking a little foolish.

star sign taurus


Moovin’ on and up this month as good luck and happiness comes your way.  New and influential friends will enter your sphere and offer you love and goodies.  A very reputable female in particular will feature.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

star sign gemini


You is edgy this month, to say the least as you get ready  to enter a higher realm of consciousness… and transcend.  By months’ end you will emerge like a butterfly and all the world will be in awe of your beautiful wings.  Flap flap baby!

star sign cancer


If in doubt, give ‘em the silent treatment this month.  Besides, you’ve got a lot of creative power at your disposal and you need a  little time out to tap deep.  You may need to say goodbye to someone or something… but in the end this will bring you good fortune.

star sign leo


Silence is golden.  And with it, inspiration flows like a river.  So get into your boat and row… row hard Kitty because you’ve got a long way to travel this month.  Don’t let your fur get rubbed up the wrong way by anything or anyone, because personal power is with-in your reach.

star sign virgo


Your body is your temple and this month your temple needs a little renovating.  Change is needed, so spend time sorting through your options.  Choose wisely… if in doubt, meditate and let the universe bring you the answers.

Libra-star sign


Ok so you’re beautiful, creative and just plain awesome.  You can’t help it… you were born that way.  Well enjoy this luscious month of fun and games as you get to party and indulge in a few of your favourite things.  Let the good times roll.  E-N-J-O-Y!

Scorpio-star sign


Home is where the heart is for you this month.  Withdraw and renew, safe and comfy in your den of iniquity (yay!).  Use this quietly influential time to plot yet another twist to your public image and rest assured that courage and strength is all that is needed.

Sagittarius-star sign


Reincarnation anyone?  This month you get to look beyond appearances and see the hidden truth behind all that is before you.  You did it in another lifetime (you vaguely remember) and now you have the potential to manifest your highest visions.

Capricorn-star sign


You need a little medicine this month… a little healing and a gentle touch.  So take it long and slow, be thoughtful and shrewd, because otherwise your abrupt manner could create a little disharmony.  Others could get a little jealous.

Aquarius-star sign


Happy Birthday to you and all your strange ways and mysterious vibrations.  This month, your active and eccentric mind will have a great influence over others, so be prepared to travel into the unknown.  Keep all communication frank and open.

monthly horoscopes


It’s a mad, mad world and you need to escape it.  Right now.  Your tender soul is in need of a little rejuvenation, so factor in as much “time out” as possible.  Best bet is to get thee to the seaside if possible and meditate on all that has been… and all that can be. – Crystal Gaze


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