Astrology March Monthly Horoscopes

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star sign aries


This month it’s lock down and locked away for you sweetheart.  As much as you would love to be the centre of everyone’s attention, it’s time for a little solo navel-gazing.  Don’t try and forge forward on any project… do a double-take and see what you might have missed.  No?  Then prepare yourself for some sweet self-sabotage instead.

star sign taurus


Friends… who needs ‘em?  You more than anyone else this month.  You will find this a rather fortunate month if you play your cards right… especially with a new bunch of peeps that may enter your arena or a new organization you decide to join.  Just don’t get too cunning or regret and disgrace will surely follow.  Ugh how repulsive.

star sign gemini


This month it’s time to put on your killer threads and get out and about.  After all, you’re going to need to look good while you showcase that enormous brain of yours. Do try and keep things simple, although this may prove to be almost impossible for your cunning and complicated mind.  Travel may beckon a little, especially if there is a pleasurable destination.  Just don’t forget to say “thank you”.

star sign cancer


Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No it’s Crusty flying high. This month your personal charm-o-meter is peaking and your usual moodiness is giving way to far-out and far-away philosophies.  If you can, get away somewhere mind-blowing and completely foreign.  It’s time to explore unchartered territories… and your inner guru.

star sign leo


With the latest x-rated solar flares bombarding you more than anyone else this month, take it easy on yourself and others.  Easier said than done, especially when all of your senses are on high alert.  Just accept that you are ultra-dark and stormy and ultra-irresistable at the moment.  But hey, you already know that.

star sign virgo


Ah yes, the simple things in life make you happy.  Very happy.  And happiness is what you’d have if everyone else would just leave you the heck alone and let you do your thing!!!!  Sorry but that ain’t happening this month.  Use this annoying time to look at others and see your (not so savory) self.  And don’t forget to smile.

Libra-star sign


You’ve been over-doing it (as usual) so this month you need a serious de-tox.  You’ve got a lot on your plate and your colleagues are either annoying, or extremely supportive (take your pick).  So get yourself rostered good and proper, get your muscles pumped and the month will prove very productive.

Scorpio-star sign


Time for some fun and games Stinger!  Yes indeed you love the thrill of the chase and this month you get to chase and catch all that you desire. But if you prefer to spend time alone then that’s all good too, because there… in your darkened den of iniquity… you will create something in your own image.  Mmmmm… that could be daunting.

Sagittarius-star sign


It’s time to bunker down as this month shines light on your home and all that is long ago (and far far away).  Go on… drown in a little nostalgia because there’s no point fighting it.  In fact it will prove extremely therapeutic as you rid yourself of some really old, outworn demons.  Yee ha!

Capricorn-star sign


Right now you need to express yourself.  You’ll do no good if you just sit around and wait for things to happen.  But that won’t be a problem because guaranteed you’re going to be busy busy.  Choose your words wisely and take a breath (or two) and listen to what others have to say.  You may just learn a thing or two.

Aquarius-star sign


This month you get to have and to hold on to what you want (and need).  Yes you do need the material world at times… and this is one of them.  Any purchase you make should prove comforting and collectable.  Just keep tabs on your piggy bank, because you haven’t been too good with that lately.  Don’t be foolish.

monthly horoscopes


Happy Birthday darling sweetheart angel fish-face.  Everyone adores you because you are just, quite simply, adorable.  That’s the saint.  So what’s the sinner up to these days?  Anything and everything baby!  Use this time for a personal makeover and use your quickened intellect to gain favors and fun. Yay! – Crystal Gaze


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  1. claudytheartist

    Huh! Guess not such a good one for me and Linda Goodman this month! So far, it really seems great! Guess not! Oh well! What do you do? Thanks though, claudy

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      In general the 12 star signs cover a brief example of each day, month, etc for a more accurate personal reading Astrology requires date of birth etc..

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