Mars Planet Meaning

Mars Planet Meaning

Mars Planet Meaning Metaphysical

Glyph:  Shield and Spear
Mars Gods:  God of War
Metal:  Iron
Composition:  Terrestrial
Day: Tuesday
Mars Energy: Yang. Sexual and Aggressive
Mars Sacred AnimalsWolf and Woodpecker

Learn Astrology Planets Mars

Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun and the 2nd smallest in our solar system. A terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere composed primarily of carbon dioxide, the reddish appearance of Mars is caused by the high level of iron oxide in the rock and dust on its surface.  The planet is, in effect, covered by rust. Mars has two relatively small natural moons, Phobos (Fear) and Deimos (Terror) which eccentrically orbit close to the planet.

Mars Planet Meaning Mythology

The planet Mars was first considered as a “red” god by the pre-Vedic Indo-Europeans.  Their whipping god Rudra was the father of sacrificial victims (known as Maruts) who were red with their own blood.  In early Greek mythology, Mars was the flayed satyr Marsyas, slain on a pine tree by order of the heavenly Father.  Early Chinese astronomers called Mars “the Fire Star’, whilst Egyptian priests called it ‘the Red One’.

Temples dedicated to Mars in early Roman times were used for ritual sacrifice.  The sacrifice usually involved a trio of pig, ram, and the bull which were then eaten by the soldiers to give strength and protection before engaging in war.

Astrology Mars Planet Meaning  

Mars is pure brute force… an energy that demands action.  It is a competitive and assertive energy which can either manifest as blind rage and recklessness, or as a kind of healthy aggression.  It is the pure energy of Mars which is the impetus to learn new skills and the driving force to achieve in life. – Crystal Gaze

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