Neptune Planet Meaning

Neptune astrology meaning


Metaphysical and Astrological Meaning Neptune

Unconscious, Intuition, Lucid dreamer, mysticism, other worldly, inner self, psychic awareness and spiritual development, Dream time, Astral Travel.

Pluto Gods: God of the Sea.
Pluto Zodiac: Rules Pisces and is exalted in Aquarius.
Medical Astrology:  relates to the feet, toes, and thalamus.

Astrological Planet Meanings

Spiritual Meaning Neptune

Neptune stands for imagination, idealism, a dreamer, creativity, fantasy, receptivity and spirituality.  Neptune is generally regarded as the planet of illusion, glamour, imagination, fantasy, psychic ability. Also considered to make a person prone to day dreaming, poor focus or concentration, and is easily fooled by others Neptune seems to have a childish gullibility. © Jyoti Eagles


  1. Andrea Wheelous

    Having thyroid issues and I believe it’s related to me not being entuned with my throat chakra which is associated with the planet Pluto. Pluto is blue and the throat chakra.
    Doing more research on this. I always felt even as a child that I come from something bigger and more powerful than my mother. Lol. Thriving to be as one with the universe.

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