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Astrological Meaning Saturn

Saturn meaning


Metaphysical Meaning Planet Saturn

Saturn, Discipline, learning, slowness of time and production, Refinement, Meditation.

Saturn Gods: Roman god = Greek god Cronus.
Saturn Astrology: Rules Capricorn and Aquarius and is exalted in Libra.
Saturn Medical Astrology: In the body, Saturn represents the skeletal system and teeth.

Astrological Planet Meanings

Spiritual Meaning Saturn

Saturn is the planet of testing and initiation. Saturn represents structure, discipline, concentration, severity, detachment, rigidity, maturity, wisdom, responsibility, frustration, inhibition, isolation, separation, failure, death, dryness, heaviness, and authority.  Saturn tends to remove extravagances and sometimes even simple pleasures and focuses our attention on our responsibilities. Can be serious, thrifty and ambitious. – © Jyoti Eagles.

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  1. Pravin Singh

    Saturn is elders feet, take their blessings daily.
    Saturn represents a beggar, poor in front of you asking for alms…. Saturn tests our heart and kindness. Never insult a poor or a beggar.
    Few say Saturn is a Malefic planet, yeah it is for those who run away from responsibilities, performs bad karmas.
    Behave like a pure good human to get benefic results from Shani, Saturn.

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