Star Signs November Monthly Horoscopes

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star sign aries


Wham Bam!!  This month the solar eclipse hits you deep and hard, unleashing the beast within and exposing some of your hidden desires and primal urges.  Use this impulsive and decisive energy to cut through any obstacles in your way and strike hard… but not before you let go of any unwanted fears and phobias.  If feeling moody, then try a little tenderness… guaranteed someone will give you the opportunity to lift your spirit.

star sign taurus


With the solar eclipse exposing the flaws in all your relationships, this month you will get greater satisfaction if you are gentle and considerate than if you succumb to the temptation to be over-sensitive and over-dramatic.  Someone in your life is vague, weak, unreliable or possibly scheming so if you feel confused and vulnerable, then withdraw to a secluded place to find your own inner serenity.  Peace.

star sign gemini


OK you’ve had enough fun, now it’s time to pull the reins in baby, because this month the solar eclipse gives you the opportunity to work on your mind, body and spirit.  Don’t sweat too much if you get just a little lazy and incompetent… somehow any mistakes will be forgiven.  If stress levels peak, then plan a little vacation if you can, because this will give you maximum pleasure and ultimate healing.

star sign cancer


Hang onto your shell because this month the solar eclipse is going to open up a direct channel to your romantic, fun-loving and creative energy.  Children will demand your time and attention as will any artistic projects you have been quietly working on.  This is a time to start the process again, so if there has been anything holding you back, just let it go and allow the “new” to breathe life.

star sign leo


After a restless month of talking your way in and out of anything, this month the solar eclipse sends you tumbling back into the past.  Get a grip Kitten, because you will have the opportunity to re-boot old out-worn emotional reactions.  Time to re-evaluate all obligations seriously, because then you will be able to manage your home and career like you have never done before.  Your goals and security are helped by old and stable friends.

star sign virgo


Dreamy, confused and delicious, this month the solar eclipse highlights your imagination and sense of fun.  Others will easily be mesmerized by your charm and gentle wit, and a matter you have been dreaming of may easily come to pass.  One word of warning:  if you are deceptive in any way the matter will dissolve, but if you act with integrity you will gain more than you had imagined.  Enjoy.

Libra-star sign


This month finances will be highlighted as the solar eclipse wreaks havoc with your bank account.  Now is the time to get a grip on all that you have and all that you want, because this energy will turn everything upside down.  Be aware that someone may be deceiving you, so think twice and look deep before investing your hard-earned cash in a “too good to be true” offer.

Scorpio-star sign


Happy Birthday Sexy One!!!  Finally, after months of lurking in the shadows it’s time to reveal a new, updated version of You to the world.  OK so you still have a bit of work to do and time seems like it’s standing still, but with a little patience and determination you can tap your deepest reservoirs of strength and get a firmer grip of your purpose and direction.  Absolute Personal Power… bring it on.

Sagittarius-star sign


This month the solar eclipse shines an uncomfortable light on your psyche and sends you galloping into the distant horizons of your dreamscape.  Good luck and advantages may come from an undisclosed source, but it is your subconscious desires and actions that will dictate the outcome.  You have loyal friends and protection, but if you have been lazy and indulgent then you may lose something of value.  Don’t deceive yourself.

Capricorn-star sign


Although time is on your side, the solar eclipse disrupts your world of hopes and dreams.  The time has come for you to take on ambitious goals because you have the self-discipline and patience to succeed.  Old friends are a rock of stability although there may be an older man who somehow upstages you.  Pull yourself together and get the job done… that will definitely put a smile on your dial.

Aquarius-star sign


Bored?  Ready for a change of direction?  Well this month the solar eclipse kick-starts a new and brilliant career move.  There may still need to be time spent on tweaking and twisting yourself… changes need to be made in order to conform to others’ expectations.  It is in your best interests to compromise at this stage, but don’t let this pressure build up to the point where you exert your perverse and disturbing independence.

monthly horoscopes


Big fish in little pond?  This month the solar eclipse pushes you to take a leap of faith and dive into the vast ocean of foreign cultures and religion.  Music and art, social and service work can bring you some degree of success and popularity.  Enjoy this energy but don’t get lazy and waste your time in daydreams… there is a possibility of a new friendship or romance that will rock your world, although it may not be entirely solid. – Crystal Gaze

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