October Monthly Horoscope

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Fire Trine October

The month begins with a fire trine between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus giving us plenty of energy to advance our projects. During the first couple of weeks, there is an impulsive, compulsive and frustrating time as a T-square also forms with Uranus, Sun and Pluto and remains until the fire trine is done. And as if that’s not enough, Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th of October until the 25th, setting the general scene for the next three weeks.

 October Monthly Horoscope

The full moon in Aries is conjunct Uranus and the Sun is in exact opposition to Uranus creating a rather volatile atmosphere.  It is the climax of the tension of a previous couple of weeks creating dramatic times on a personal level as well as globally.  With Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries we can expect aggressive eruptions.

Aries monthly horoscope


You’ve heard the saying opposites attract. Time to take a long hard look in the mirror as the universe arranges itself to reflect what’s really going on in your subconscious. With responsible action, you will achieve your goals. Partnerships and friends will play an important role in your life this month.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Keep an eye on your finances this month and you will succeed in business and pleasure.  If you don’t all that effort you have been putting in lately could be lost.  Stick to your routine and your stability will be maintained.

Gemini monthly horoscopes


Your ruling planet is retrograde for most of the month so good time to review your way of thinking and communicating with others.  Travel, philosophy and politics are the flavours of the month.

Cancer monthly horoscopes


Time to have a good look at your role in life.  Not just with your family and friends buy in the world.  You will be feeling sensitive so avoid difficult conversations and arguments.  Conflict can bring about a resolution.

Leo monthly horoscope


Great time to participate in group activities or even lead the way.  A rather social month for you and a great time for networking your new project.  Take advantage of the fire trine to achieve great things – but don’t be disappointed if others don’t share your enthusiasm.

Virgo monthly horoscope


Guilt is a useless emotion.  You can’t change what has been done so move on and let go of what you cannot change.  Being of service comes naturally to you so find some way of contributing to the society that makes your heart sing.

Libra monthly horoscope


Your basic attitude to life is what really counts.  Be yourself.  There is nobody more qualified than you to do just that.  Try not to overthink things as your business and relationship plans may all change by the end of the month.

Scorpio monthly horoscope


Your mind is on your belongings and people and things you possess this month.  Good time to consolidate your finances or redecorate your home by surrounding yourself with beauty.  Watch out for that green-eyed monster.  Jealousy only hurts the one who is feeling it.

Saggitarius monthly horoscope


Communication is not usually a problem for you, except you sometimes lack the diplomacy needed for certain situations. Mars in all over your natal sun right now but the trine if the fire should help you smooth things over quite smoothly.  You will find new ways of learning and understand your immediate environment at this time.

Capricorn monthly horoscope


This month promises to bring transformation on all levels. Your choice is to make it a positive or negative experience. Your thoughts will either be on climbing the corporate ladder or the spiritual mountain.  If you keep the balance between the two you should achieve great things.

Aquarius monthly horoscope


Your focus is on the home and what makes you feel comfortable in your surroundings. Being a homebody will nourish you and help settle that busy head.

Pisces monthly horoscopes


Let your dreams run wild Pisces.  Those creative juices are really flowing this month and it is a good time to manifest all those things on your wish list.  Games and sport are also favourable.- © Jyoti Eagles


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  1. anniemariepeters

    Thanks for sharing October’s horoscope. I’m a Pisces, and it is indeed a very creative month for. I’m feeling inspired, even as I type!

  2. julie

    Thank you for a great post, being Libran it was very apt that I found it today :)

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