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Taurus Star Sign Meaning

Taurus Star Sign meaning The Lover tarot influence – sexuality,
and desire as basic instincts of survival… stabilizing and grounding energy.

Star Sign Taurus

Taurus Sign

22nd April – 21st May

Taurus Traits & Symbology

Glyph: Bull’s Head
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Motto: I Have, I Value
Affirmation: I appreciate abundance in the present moment
Body: The Throat and Neck
Stone: Agate, emerald
Yoga: Shoulder stands
Sacred Animals: Bull, Cow and Beaver
Rune Stone: Ansuz

Taurus Sexuality

Raw sensation, touch, and massage. Tantric. Always ready for a “roll in the hay”.

Taurus Mythology

In ancient Egypt, Taurus was associated with both Osiris and his sister Isis, who was represented as a bull-god and cow-goddess respectively. In Greek mythology, Taurus is associated with the disguise adopted by Zeus in one of his amorous adventures. In this case, Zeus had fallen in love with Europa as she strolled along the seashore. In order to seduce her, he disguised himself as a gentle and beautiful white bull, but when she climbed on his back he suddenly plunged into the sea, abducting and raping her.

Taurus Star Sign Personality

The Lover tarot influence – sexuality, and desire as basic instincts of survival… stabilizing and grounding energy. Resources and possessions are part of this survival instinct, directly relating to a sense of meaning in life. The Lover serves to reveal the nature of personal values through the power of reproductive forces in nature.

Taurus Shadow Self

Co-dependency… the realization that others’ resources and values may be needed to ensure survival. A psychological crisis of meaning may occur if these needs fail to be met.

Taurus Constellation

Taurus the Bull is the 17th largest constellation and is one of the oldest known, dating back to the Early Bronze Age when it marked the location of the Sun during the Spring Equinox. It possibly dates back even further – to 15,000BC and the Hall of Bulls in the caves at Lascaux. It is known for its bright stars Aldebaran, El Nath, and Alcyone, but it is best known for the Pleiades cluster (the Seven Sisters) and the Hyades, which are the two nearest open star clusters to Earth.

Taurus Brightest Star

Aldebaran (the Hunter, Bull’s Eye or Star of Illumination) is a giant red star situated in the eye of Taurus, 68 light years from Earth. According to some astronomers, the solar system of Aldebaran hosts at least one planet which appears to be the size of Jupiter, probably containing water and orbiting within the habitable zone.  Aldebaran is a royal and courageous star. © Crystal Gaze Astrology

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