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August Supermoon 2019

August Supermoon 2019 and its effects are, believing is key to
succeeding, that coupled with extreme determination and passion.

august supermoon 2019
Super Moon August 2019

August Supermoon astrology meaning

New Moon Supermoon August 2019. 

This August super moon ( perigee full moon or green corn moon). A super moon is when the moon’s orbit is the closest to the earth. A supermoon is also when the sun, earth, and moon are all in alignment creating a vortex of energy called syzygy.

Leo the intuitive one influences our full moon this August allowing us to breathe in the forces of nature and utilize them on a spiritual level. Gaining peace of mind and a closer connection to oneself. The 1st of August is teaming up to deliver a powerful super moon.

Influencing the mix is Neptune and Jupiter, expect some love and communication from the people around you. If you’re the Leo zodiac sign the supermoon effects will be intense for you, try to relax and meditate the night away. A perfect time for self-reflection, gaining wisdom from our own personal insights.


August Supermoon Spiritual Meaning

Supermoons are known for bringing violent weather patterns, as you will know the moon and especially the full moon has a tremendous effect on everything on the planet including us. The supermoon energy shifts are around our spiritual sector this August – September asking the question of how solid are our beliefs.

August Supermoon 2019 and its effects are, believing is key to succeeding, that coupled with extreme determination and passion. This August supermoon 2019 allows us the opportunity to delve into our core spiritual beliefs, tweaking them with our new-found knowledge downloaded to use with the energy shifts of this August full moon. For those already spiritually-minded awake and aware the opportunity is rare. Be sure to clear the mind of all earthly commitments before you begin your meditative connection with spirit this new moon.

The powerful August supermoon 2019 is a special one aligning with Imbolc (S.H) the spring festival or if you’re on the other side of the world it would be Lughnasadh (N.H) the autumn festival. Be sure to align these two events together in your August supermoon ritual 2019. © by psychic medium Ian Scott ( thrive on news.com / nature’s oracle )

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